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    Roughin' it in the great outdoors
    Guidebooks tell us where to go
    Winnebego Warrior
    Slow down traffic climbing hills
    30 gallons to the mile
    Honey, quick, the Polaroid

    Winnebago Warrior
    Brave as old John Wayne
    Winnebago Warrior
    A true yankee pioneer

    Stop at Stuckey's for a meal
    Blab all day on the CB
    Winnebago Warrior

    Littered campgrounds, folding chairs
    Feed Doritos to the bears
    Honey, quick, the Polaroid


    Kill some fish down by the creek
    Hang their picture by the sink
    Show your grandson who's the boss

    Tie your two tote-goats to the fronts
    U-haul trailer full of souvenirs
    That you buy along the way.

    bright plan remember the day,
    we took your babies freedom away.

    It's a shame , a shame, a sham, a shame,
    but who do you got to blame.

    give it up prop it up. lift it up, regain.


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