War and Peace - Possible for the Future?

Discussion in 'The Future' started by Shakra, Jun 1, 2004.

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    I know these are the ‘Hip forums’ and that the ‘hip’ is short for ‘hippy’ and that reflects the general attitude of many posters on here being one of advocating for peace and love and unity but…

    …it is my belief that most people can’t even find peace in their own minds, never mind peace between their fellow man (or woman) or peace between nations etc.

    So I have a few questions just to get an idea of what you guys think about war and peace.

    Do you guys believe that peace, unity and love are possible on a global scale?

    Or is it in the nature of humankind to fight? Are we still just animals (in the biological sense – instincts, fundamental human behaviour etc) and like animals, are we likely to be just as territorial (fight) as much as any other mammal, fish, reptile, bird etc?

    Will mankind ever cease fighting amongst themselves, be it on a local scale (street gangs, soccer supporters) or on a global scale (wars between countries)? Or will it take some greater threat from out with the planet itself (something else for mankind to fight against – be it another form of intelligent life or some impending natural disaster) to bring mankind together in peace?

    Religion, resources, national identity, what team you support, the colour of your skin, what side of the city you were born on, or the fence for that matter – are these kinds of divisions all just excuses, all just vessels through which mankind expels it’s need to fight, to dominate through the use of force? Or is their defence valid sometimes with the cost of human lives?

    Is it fear, is it ignorance, or is it greed…

    …or is it a case of ‘follow the leader’? That cause division, and war.

    Do we all secretly yearn to belong to something that is greater than ourselves (be that something a soccer team, a religious faction, a particular gang with it’s own separate affiliations)? And once we do decide which ‘side’ we are on (or which religion to follow, or which soccer team to support or which political, ideological or social gang we feel we belong to) do we then find ourselves subtly brainwashed, even in part, by those we feel we trust and respect (our leaders) or simply those we believe to be telling the truth (the media)? Would we even notice if we were?

    Conversely is it possible to go through life completely and utterly independent without forming any kind of alliances or affiliations with any group of any sort? Or do we need or even desire to form groups and gangs in order to feel secure in our own identity?

    What do you guys think?

    What are the reasons that wars still continue? Is it really all about good verses evil, or difference verses difference or simply that people feel the need to be accepted, to fit in, to belong to something that is greater than themselves, even where that something can be destructive as well as creative?

    Do we govern our own actions, thoughts and ideals or are we merely sheep following the herd without even realising it?

    Sorry for a very disjointed post. I get lost at the best of times never mind when I am as tired as I am right now also I have differing answers to (or views regarding) the questions I have just asked, depending on how optimistic or cynical I am feeling, which in turn is generally governed by how crap my day at work has been. I really just wanted to know what others thought, because tired as I am, I can’t seem to get to sleep and I am secretly hoping that many of you will give optimistic answers so that my twisted messed up view of the world will somehow be redeemed.
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    I certainly believe that peace, unity, and love are possible on a larger scale. But I think the reason why peace has been so difficult to attain is because it's a lot easier to settle differences by fighting than talking.

    Unfortunately, it's natural for many people to settle their differences by fighting. I think a lot of things cause people to act naturally: among those are greed, ignorance, hatred. There are those who can't find comfort within themselves, but not all of those who can't find comfort within themselves act violently.

    I think another reason for war is people are threatened by differences. They aren't comfortable with themselves, and they see people who are different as a "threat."

    Shakra, a very good and well thought out post. Unfortunately, there don't seem to be many answers.
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    In a way your post has provided its own answers

    In my opinion Peace and Unity for all is utterly impossible, its very hard for people to live amongst another without causing turbulence
    If one were to actually pursue peace to the fullest than all free will and individuality would be outlawed. you cannot hold back a persons ambitions and emotions, and like love hate is an emotion that is widely used.

    War is inevitable, War is in nature. All forms of argument towards another is war and dissagreement and unless you sustain all forms of emotion then war will always reign. it cannot be stopped

    As in nature the stronger survive, and to become strong you must build yourself up into strength, or the alternative become apart of an already strong community in order to fulfill man's will to survive. and as a community built soley on strength they will do only what is best for the survival of the community, individuals who pose a threat in the community must be dealt with accordingly.

    Its possible to live life as a drifter without care of the world and its status, But it comes back to survival.
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    Depends on what you mean by "peace". Militarily, in the past 1,000 yrs the world has been at peace 1 year. So no, I don't think world peace is possible in any form. It can, however, be improved.

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    I think aliens will invade in our world will be forced to unite.
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    if everybody in the world loved each other and was nice and friendly, dont u think it would turn into a nation of stepford wives? im not saying it would be boring but it would be too perfect, not that world peace will ever happen
    in our generation. i think if we ask ourselves all these questions about life, were wasting time living it. who cares if religion is going down the drain, who cares if we are merely sheep following the crowds, if ur having fun whilst ur doing it and your not ruining the planet i say live life to the full and never look over your shoulder! keep on smiling and offer love. humans have the biggest capacity for it so we may aswell put it to good use! jennyflower x

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