Wanna know what i'm wearing?

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by TheLittleOne, May 18, 2004.

  1. TheLittleOne

    TheLittleOne Senior Member

    I'm wearing a white mini tank top that shows my belly and white tie-pants...i'm looking all nice and virginal in my white get up...lol...i just hope my parents dont walk by and see my nip rings...or tattoos on my back. that would SUCK ASS...
  2. joe

    joe Banned

  3. TheLittleOne

    TheLittleOne Senior Member

  4. makno

    makno Senior Member

    look images like that will only keep me from being able to sleep tonite ..ive already had a real time experience that is getting to me ... you could kill horny old hippies wit dat !
  5. joe

    joe Banned

    Look, if your not naked i dont care
  6. olhippie54

    olhippie54 Touch Of Grey Lifetime Supporter

    I'm naked!!!
  7. joe

    joe Banned

    Thank you for tearin down my hopes and dreams and replacing it with hardcore gay porn
  8. Althea

    Althea Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Well now Marc, forevermore I'm gonna gonna have a mental image of ya postin' in the buff.
  9. schwahead

    schwahead Senior Member

    blind melon kicks ass
  10. joe

    joe Banned

  11. TheLittleOne

    TheLittleOne Senior Member

  12. mudpuddle

    mudpuddle MangaHippiePornStar Lifetime Supporter

    I'm Naked...then my Dog saw me and Died outta Shame...o_O
  13. TheLittleOne

    TheLittleOne Senior Member

    LOL! omg...you guys....
  14. halloweenriot

    halloweenriot Member

  15. themnax

    themnax Senior Member

    to answer the question litteraly: no i do not want to know what you are wearing and i cannot for the life of me immagine why you would want me or anyone else to do so. if your intent is to be erroticly coercive that is your own affair. though this also seems rather pointless.

    if your intent is one of these periodic and perenial surveys of what we are wearing at the moment i can tell you that i am wearing only an orange t-shirt with my own artwork on it, but i seriously doubt you would want to see my 55 year old naked male buttocks parked on a chair in front of my computer.
  16. mariecstasy

    mariecstasy Enchanted

    i am wearing a smile
  17. makno

    makno Senior Member

    no ,we want to see her 18 yr old girlie buttocs wherever they may be parked!
  18. TheLittleOne

    TheLittleOne Senior Member

    damn, themnax, getting all analytical on me and shit. this forum is Random Thoughts, is it not? Well, at the time, that was my random thought! SO SUE ME. jesus, why does someone always have to like attack me and shit and make me feel bad. that's not very nice.
    i'm not to trying to be provocative or anything. i was just being ....random.
  19. Willy_Wonka_27

    Willy_Wonka_27 Surrender to the Flow

    ur 18 and u cant have tattoos or nipple rings?
  20. TheLittleOne

    TheLittleOne Senior Member

    well, i can, and i do, but my parents sure dont appreciate them on me. they're conservative close minded assholes.

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