Walking In A Winter Wonderland - Recent Photos

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by Lucy Goosey, Dec 21, 2016.

  1. Lucy Goosey

    Lucy Goosey Member

    ^^^ Ha ha! And I thought it was bad their throwing the snow back on the driveway.

    This one isn't mine, but snow related. I keep waiting to see the moose that's apparently been seen here at the lake. Looks like it made off to Colorado!

  2. NotGayCharlie

    NotGayCharlie Banned

    This got me thinking how much I'm gonna miss winter. Now that spring is here, this means more insects and pests breaking into my home. Ants especially.

    I actually wouldn't mind their company if they contributed to the rent and the wifi bill.
  3. Lucy Goosey

    Lucy Goosey Member

    Miss winter? Perhaps you should see a doctor. :p I'll take the bugs as long as the warm weather comes with them, and NO ice and NO snow and temps above -30C. And not having to wrap up before going out. The shorter days aren't because of the time change, it's the extra couple of hours it takes to get all the layers on! Won't be long now, summer's on the way. Inching along, but it's a-coming.
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  5. expanse

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    Most say ky is in the south; I've known people to refer to it as Midwest though.
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