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  1. im considering buying tickets before they go up agn.

    ive nvr been but it looks like there is a great line-up this yr. i've read around a bit and i hear there maybe a presence of law enforcement. i think as long as i dont flaunt my drugs and hide them well going in i should be fine. whats a lil toke in the tent gonna hurt? im kinda excited abt going. i wanted some opinions on what people think it will be like this yr and whos going, is it somewhat safe? camping good??? or do people run out of shit and start thieving? peace
  2. jacobfredjo

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    im sure if you have read anything about Wakarusa you will hear everyones stories of last year (2006) and the presence of law enforcement. It has been blown way out of proportion and is a shame that it happened. I have been every year and i can say that i am confident this will be the best year. Just take a look at the friggin lineup.
    I think it is also safe to say that if you are inside your tent you can do whatever you please. But dont ASK to be harrassed (piss off the cops, act like a drugged fool, provoke violence, etc.). In terms of your safety you will be fine, i have never even seen any act of violence nor heard of any at the fest. But if you are reffering to the authorities then if you take a look at the wakarusa website under that "Whats new for 2007" tab in the middle, the first thing listed is a kinder, gentler, and more respectful police presence so it is obvious that last year's madness was only to test that company's high class equipment.

    Camping is generally pretty good, they have quite a few places to camp all having their own feel and vibe. I like to camp away from the "main" trails so to speak but at the same time close to somewhere you will be frequently (such as the shuttle station, or the vendors, or a stage, etc.) ususally people run out of beer by the last day so if you bring extra you can make some serious dough on sunday. Some people will ask if they can buy beer from you for 5 dollars a pop! cans too. I personally have never exp. anybody stealing shit but just leave everything important inside your car and dont leave valuables outside your campsite.

    like i said before, if you ask me i strongly belive this will be Wakarusa's best year. Hands down the best lineup to date. One thing waka gives you that other fests dont is the LATE jams. Every night they will play music until 5 or 6 am at some of the smaller stages, and the main ones go until 2am and 3/4am on Fri, Sat. This might be a good or bad thing depending on a.)if you want to see late night music or b.) if you would rather sleep. Its obviously hard to get some shut eye in the normal sleeping hours so i just take a nap for a few hours when it quiets down a bit, usually at like 1-3 pm.

    (if your going)
    absolutely do not miss:
    Ozric Tentacles, Everyone Orchestra, Medeski Martin and Wood, Pnuma Trio, RAQ, Les Claypool.
  3. thankx alot jacob, all you mentioned was useful info. I think im gonna try to make it up there. sounds like a nice fest. ill prolly be going with like 1 or 2 more people. peace
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