Voyando a Mexico en la mañana.

Discussion in 'Pharmaceuticals' started by mr_belvedere, Jun 5, 2004.

  1. mr_belvedere

    mr_belvedere Member

    There isn't much info on here baout the mexican med system, so when i am back in a week, i'll let you all know exactly how things work down there, wish me luck, and let's hope i don't end up in a mexican jail.
  2. mr_belvedere

    mr_belvedere Member

    well i am back, and there is good news, i went to puerto peñasco, rocky point, it is so rediculously easy to buy and medication you want there, 100 soma 35 bux, 25 neo percodan 15 dollars, percocet is a little cheaper, never found any hydrocodone but oxycodone stuff was abundant and pretty cheap, easy to get. valium and other benzo's were also just a 20 dollar bill away
  3. madboy139

    madboy139 Member

    i would have been taking home a lot more percocet than that at those prices.
  4. mr_belvedere

    mr_belvedere Member

    no thats how much they cost i brought back LOTS

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