Vore No On Issue 3 In Ohio On Nov 3 2015

Discussion in 'Cannabis News' started by slipperyhippy, Nov 2, 2015.

  1. This is purely and simply a terrible injustice. Only 10 fat cat growers will be allowed, and they are trying to modify the Ohio constitution to immortalize their monopoly. This issue is being funded by BIG well monied crooks, and is NOT the right way to get marijuana "legalized".

    No one else will be allowed to grow ONE pot plant unless they get a license from the State, which will allow them to come onto your property whenever they want. And guess what? They are not compelled to grant you a license to grow your 4 plants AT ALL!

    A BAD law. Vote no on issue 3. Vote yes on issue 2 which will forever prevent a business from protecting themselves in the Constituion of the state.
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  2. BongSolo

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    It seems like Issue 3 didn't pass and, after reading a bunch of articles on the details of Issue 3, it seems like that could be a good thing. Leafly puts it down in a numbered list of all the things that were wrong about ResponsibleOhio's approach and that's just one example of tons of sites echoing that sentiment. I agree that Ohio did well by waiting it out for a better offer.
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  3. deleted

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    in the meantime law enforcement will probably strike hard on cannabis users..
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  4. BongSolo

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    They might but people shouldn't be forced into an oligopoly with scare tactics. I think taking the long road will find Ohio reaching a better destination.

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