Discussion in 'The Environment' started by MountainMan, May 18, 2004.

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    this next september i will be taking spanish classes and then going on to volunteer in south america/central america, but im not exactly sure where to go and what to do. im planning on choosing conservation as one of my activites. does anyone know any areas/forests that are in need of some help in this area? thanks
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    i've been toying with the same idea, and aiming for roughly the same date of departure. But i cant make up my mind wut kid of work i want to do. i'm leaning towards working on an organic farm, or a conservation society would be great too. I dunno why but I told myself a while ago to attempt for australia... or somewhere in north america

    I can picture myself surveying/ data collecting in a rainforest. Ideally i could turn my love of photography into an eye opening device for other people.
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    Hey, u shud check out www.i-to-i.com
    They do meaningful travel/volunteer travel to Latin America,Europe, Africa etc.
    working in the rainforest, animals, and people who need help. They look pretty good, but u gotta pay. Peace and good luck!
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    The northern rain forests are being munched away by the jaws of capitalist corporations drilling for oil. So where's that? Ecuador'ish into.. I dunno. Sorry I don't know exact details, but at any rate - The Amazon needs some help. I'm sure there are other areas, too.

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