VM&P naptha vs naptha

Discussion in 'DMT' started by gagmaggot, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. gagmaggot

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    Swim will be performing his first attempt at an extraction in the near future and he's having trouble finding VM&P naptha. Swim was told he should only use this type of naptha, he was wondering what the difference would be between using VM&P vs other naptha sources such as camp fuel or lighter fluid.
    swim thanks you for any help
  2. peacegrow

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    VM&P stands for Varnish Makers and Painters I think. It's a generic term referring more to the intended use of the product than it's purity.

    There is some camp fuel and lighter fluid that may contain residue or additives that won't evaporate, and could be harmful.

    You can do a somewhat unscientific test by taking whatever you want to use to try and evaporating some by itself. If there is any residue, smell, taste, or anything that indicates that there was something left behind after the evaporation, you shouldn't use it to extract anything. I doubt that would definitely mean it's okay if you don't see, smell, or taste anything, but at least it's not obviously bad.

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