Vitamins low's effects of marijuana?(Help-me camon)

Discussion in 'Marijuana' started by Pitros, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. Pitros

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    Here'is the deal i do take a lot of vitamins and the especial vitamin i benn taking have all vitamin tha exist and a overdose of the normal ones such as B1 B2 B6 B3 B12 C D A E(about 250% of the day or 2,5 times what i need in one day,so everytime i take his vitamins and smoke a joint the effects seen to be weaker i dont get as high as if i was starving for 3 hours,
    So anyone know if vitamins weaken the effects of pot? or know something i can do in order to get higher(without taking aother drug but marijuana or eating it)
    or better do you have any kind of article or text that explains by cientific facts if vitamins steal your high or how they act with thc?
  2. BudBill

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    Do not take more vitamins then recommended. You can poison yourself (males) with too much iron.

    It sounds like you may have built up a tolerance to the herb. Smoke less or take a break for a few days.

    I have not came acrossed an article regarding vitamins blocking a high.
  3. Pitros

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    now man there is no iron in the suplements and i am sure its not tolerance and the herb is the same same brick so this do not help me and i ant just syop taking then and see what happens cos every kind of food inthethe house is enchanded with vitamins(Health food) so i need a concrete post cos if are the vitamins gonna have some changes here
  4. seeingblind

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    im not absoluteley positive but i have heard somwhere that b vitamins like niacin and thiamin can help counter the negative effects of marijuana i.e. memory loss but ive heard nothing ever about any vitamins killing your high. i do know that at most rehabs they give you a megadose of b vitamins for the first week or so to help cope with withdrawl symptoms. however there is a simple solution to this dont take more than u need its a waste if u overdose anyway you recieve no extra benefits from taking more supplements than neccesary its just overkill. you recieve most of the vitamins u need in your food anyway unless all u eat is junkfood in which case it seems contradictory to be taking vitamins in the first place just try eating healthy. i hate when ppl think they can take a supplement and all of a sudden they are "healthy" vitamin pills dont make u invincible to bad health choices
  5. "is the same brick", brother you gotta buy some better weed, plain and simple
  6. 7. Sometimes smoking yohashish or marijuana might not agree with you. It can lead to nausea or anxiety. Find a quiet place to relax, and eat or drink something sweet. Do not panic. In an hour, the worst of it will be over. Taking a megadose of B complex vitamins can help u come down faster.

    Found this in a marijuana smoking guide.
  7. StonerBill

    StonerBill Learn

    apparently this is the case

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