Vintage Morphine ampoules redy for IV?

Discussion in 'Opiates' started by jojo12, May 3, 2007.

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    Hi, just an hour ago I acquired 10 ampoules of morphine hydrochloride. Each ampoule contains 20mg of morphine in 1ml liquid. The tricky part is that the ampoules are labeled to be manufactured in 1961. Now I knows that morphine can last for years, but that`s almost 50 years !! Is there anything to go wrong and the contains of the ampoules to be toxic ? /the liquid is light brown, butt that can be the way is made in the first place/
    Also I am considering a IV injections but 20mg for an opiates virgin seems a bit too much, right ? Is there another way to consume it ? Maybe simply drink one ampoule diluted in water?
    Appreciate any feedback

    P.S. on the box there is a label "Subcutaneous" i was considering to pop it in a few days. Butt i gess the safest way is to drink 10mg diluted in a glass of watter.
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    Watch out man !!! first off for someone who has never ever tried a opiate liquid Morphine is somereal heavy shit, Its almost top of the food chain on the opiate scale. If its still good which I have no idea if it is or not I don't know how it ages if it turns toxic after a fewyears etc. but if its still good I would advice you to not shoot it up, don''t even skin pop it. I would take a little bit and I mean a little bit orally. Be careful man liquid Morphine is some real powerful shit, If you are not use to it and don't know what you are doing its just like playing Russian roulette. and you have to study up and find out first about how its agesa nd if its still safe to use. Good luck and please please be careful man !!!!!
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    subcutaneous refers to subcutaneous injection... SC, also known as skin popping. If i were you,, 'd drink one of the ampuoles, if you dont spit up or nothin, IV half the ampuole

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