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Discussion in 'Beverages' started by DestroyedLED, Apr 6, 2007.

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    I heard in history class that the viking used to drink this stuff called mead, before they went into battle to get their berzerker on. I heard its like honey and alchohol, has anyone made this or tried it? has anyone else heard of this ancient energy drink?
  2. SlickyPants

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    I've tried one brand of mead but it wasn't really appeal to my taste. Maybe it was because it was very different from what I was expecting and it just kind of turned me off. That was only one brand I've tried (unfortunately the only brand available in my area and I can't remember what it was called).

    I was talking with the brewmaster at a local craft brewery about beer like we usually do and I mentioned how I bought a six-pack of a gluten-free (La [size=-1]Messagere) and how horrible it tasted. He mentioned he was kicking around the idea of making a mead to make the celiacs happy. I don't know if he was actually serious but it would be interesting to see. I don't think his current brewing capacity would allow a regularly produced mead. Perhaps just a seasonal but it would still be interesting to try.
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    mead is simply a winelike beverage made from fermented honey rather than being made from fermented grapes/fruit (wine) or grains (beer). it has no effects other than that of the alcohol, and would have no more benefits to the ancients before battle than drinking any other intoxicating beverage would.

    it wasn't simply for war or anything else specific. it simply took the roles of beers, wines, and other spiritous beverages. its not an energy drink and wouldnt drive people crazy or anything like that.

    its still made and can be made by homebrewers (my father made a batch of sparkling mead once - took about a year though, instead of a few weeks or months) although its somewhat obscure these days. some people love it, others dont care for it.

    i myself have not have the good fortune yet to try it, but will eventually. it sounds like something i'd like.

    if you're interested in trying mead, it can be bought at many reputable specialty wine and/or beer stores. if you live in a smaller town, or just can't find a store that carries any mead, you can have it shipped to you (if you live in a state that will allow you to have alcohol shipped to you and are of legal drinking age....i dont know the laws outside of the US though)

    one place i know you can get it is . they also have a fantastic selection of craft beers.

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