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    For those of you who don't know about Pot Tv it is a great site from our friends from Cannabis Culture Magazine.

    We have some epsiodes of THC-TV out of Seattle there. POT-tv is A LOT like a video version of hip planet, almost. You can see some footage of this year's Hempfest at this addy:

    You'll see me walkin around that large stage spoutin' off my resin drenched diatribe. If you have any questions about Hempfest, the POT movement or Washington NORML just PM me. It wasn't the best Hempfest we have ever had, it rained both days, But Kottenmouthkings were cool. This ain't the greatest vid ever of the event either but it's cool. To really see the Hempfest go to our site and click on the thousands of pictures, the snaps from this year are excellent, some are downright artwork:

    We will never, ever stop until we have won your freedom to choose for yourself, because adults in a free society deserve the right to make their own informed choices about what they voluntarily put into the sanctity and sovereignty of their own temples, their own bodies. Those choices should be based upon truthful and accurate information, not lies, half truths and disinformation. When it is against the law to feel relaxed, something is terribly wrong with the justice system...too much emhpasis on the system, and not enough on the justice!

    I have been the executive director of Seattle Hempfest for the last 13 years and I am gettin' older and tired, man. Wanna join in? If you got a true heart, can be sober (no pot/no alcohol/no drugs) for your two 6 hr shifts and can be reasonably clean and punctual, we need you! It takes one thousand volunteers to make it happen each year. We filled 1,200 shirts this year.

    Toke it easy, V-

    P.S. And for those folks I hear from who say "I am not really into pot" that's cool, Hempfest is not about pot, really. It is a about freedom. They are locking up tens of thousands of your brothers and sisters for pot. So that's the issue we are working on. If they were putting people in jails and prisons for organic vegetables, well, we would be doing Tomatoefest or Cabbage Fest or something. So if you support freedom, you should support the cannabis policy reform movement. Several of our core members do not smoke pot. I usually take a few months off, at least, every year myself to get clear and clean out the terminals. (and then you get really high on just a little bitty nug!) I am always amazed when folks say..."Oh I don't smoke pot".

    And I say..."do you support prison for those who do?" ... "Do you support denying medical patients relief? ... "Do you support the wholesale destruction of our old growth forests and the habitat surrounding them?" if the answer is "no" then I see no reason why not to pitch in. The Drugwar is America's domestic vietnam.

    MORE PEOPLE ARE IN JAILS AND PRISONS FOR POT OFFENSES THAN FOR RAPE, MURDER, AGGRAVATED ASSAULT OR BURGLERY COMBINED!! Why am I yelling? Oh yeh, I'm really passionate about this issue. He he. I have had to meet with the widows and orphans of beautiful, terrific gentle and honest people who got caught growing some harmless plants in the privacy of their own home. Aspirin kills thousands of people each year. Pot has never killed anyone directly. No toxic overdose, no brain chemistry damage, no physical dependancy. It's a no brainer. Pots not for everybody, but freedom is!

    I love you for reading down this far. You rock...right now...look in the will see you rocking right now...check it out...ok...nevermind...that's silly...take my word for it.

    Pizzas, Viv-

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