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Discussion in 'Higher Ed' started by GetLifted20, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. GetLifted20

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    Does anybody work in video game design, is anybody going to school for video game design, any tips or advice you can give me?
  2. Sininabin

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    i heard of 80% out of there digital design graduates work in the industry the tution I hear is the a bitch but if all in it could be worth in the long run.
  3. la Principessa

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    I'm sure every gamer and his brother want to design games but few have what it takes to do it. My boyfriend wants to get into that as well, I just hear it's very competitive and hard to break into it. I'd have a backup plan if I were you.
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    I'm doing a game designing course. My excitement and love for video games made me to opt for this career. The best part here is that it's not taking much time or money. Only a drive to create a video game can be enough to excel here. I'm doing this course to satisfy the demand of employers who look for trained game designers only. The college where I study mostly focuses on the bugs and potential problems coming while designing a game besides the general designing techniques. So altogether it's a great fun for me. The site has played the role of a resource in my career. Hopefully it would also help you in deciding what courses you actually want to pursue and which career would be suitable for you.
  5. Brudof

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    I'm in game development, I love it. Are you in highschool or college? If you're still in highschool I'd recommend taking some physics classes and math involving vectors and matrices. For programming you should look into C++ as that's the main language used in making games. LUA is also useful to know. Look into software called "UnrealED" or "Hammer Editor". UnrealED is used to create maps for Unreal, Hammer is used to make source maps.

    Use this to start learning C++.


    Some good starting books:
    - Basic Technical Mathematics with Calculus (Highschool level math if you need a refresher)
    - Game Design and Development - Fundamentals of Math and Physics for Game Programmers
    - C++ How to Programm 6th Edition

    I hear the game development industry is very competitive. If you're searching for a school to go to for game development make sure you look at the % of graduates who find a job. In my program 80% of students are offered a job right out of school, so I'm lucky. My program director has ties with game development companies all around Canada and the USA :)

    My biggest tip would be to program in your free time, make little games and improve on your skills, and eventually build a porfolio.
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  7. I was looking at gnomen for awhile, crazy expensive though..

    I'm earning my degree now, it's kind of cool because all of the classes are way more important and helpful than all that high school crap. You don't need a back up plan, if you take these classes, you will have so many rare skills that are desired by jobs! You may not fall into game design, but you'll have skills worth 100s of thousand dollar salaries!!

    Trust me on this one, I have looked through many degree options, computer science will be a huge benefit (which should be a part of your game design degree)
  8. Asmodean

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    What if I just design the game and then other people make it? :D
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    Exactly what i had in mind.

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