Victims of War

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    Victims of War

    I see my father drenched in blood
    I try to hate, but feel only love
    Love for him, for all we shared, until that filthy bastard dared
    To put a bullet in his head

    I see my brother in the fray, he will not come home from war today
    M.I.A., we know his fate, but still they search, and still we wait
    He's never found, to no surprise, tears swell up in my mother's eyes
    Is it really worth the pain?

    I see my mother, filled with grief, she mourns and mourns, feels no relief
    Her tears they fall upon Old Glory, my father's casket where he lies, mangled and gory
    Its hard to believe just months ago, she held his hand, she didn't know
    That death called his name

    I see myself, gun in hand, scared and alone, in a foreign land
    I promised her I'd come back home, from the battlefield I was to roam
    I came home inside a box, on her front door she heard a knock
    "He died with honor, brave and true, I would be proud if I were you"

    Through their deaths they left for me, a proud and noble legacy
    It led me to a six foot hole, where I lay, dead and cold
    It was the same for so many others
    I feel for them all, my sisters and brothers
    Victims of war, we died with honor
    But nothing is quite the same as life

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