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Discussion in 'Pure Bull' started by TerminalMadness, May 31, 2004.

  1. ripple

    ripple Member

    When people on this forum correct other folks spelling. Does it really matter? Its just plain petty.
  2. 1love7766

    1love7766 Member

    so today i didnt pick up my dogs poop while walking him (oops : ( i forgot to get a bag and they were about a mile back, and my dog is too chubby to make it there and back) and this asshole stops me and doesnt TELL me, he YELLS at me, saying quote "Its people like you who make the world a worse place to live in, just sick people like you." I almost started crying, I KNOW i should have picked it up, but i do other things to help the earth, i dont litter, i dont let anyone im with litter, i dont let my water run longer than it should, i dont leave me fridge door bc it depleates the ozone layer, and hes judging me, saying im a bad person, when im not i just made a simple mistate, he didnt have to yell at me, it really hurt my feelings.

    i TOO hate the little girls who run around with mini skirts and tight ass shirts and think theyre hot even though there only 12!

    i hate cruelty to animals, ANY animals

    i hate ignorance!! ooo tahts the worst

    i hate people who go around talking about how high they are...i mean come on now, why do i care?

    i hate it when parents parent theyre kids based on what OTHER parents are doing.

    and more, BUT I DO LOVE LIFE!!! : )
  3. luCKYgirl875

    luCKYgirl875 Member

    music that is so fucking manufactured that it all sounds the same and the stupid ass people who listen to it
    ex girlfriends who dont stop calling/texting your boyfriend-if i had the chance i woulod beat the fucking shit out of her
  4. 1love7766

    1love7766 Member

    ahh i can relate to that, girls are always calling my bf and texting him, its SO annoying, this one girl especially, who quote said "I would fuck him if he was older" (shes 25 and hes 19)
  5. luCKYgirl875

    luCKYgirl875 Member

    yeah, those girls should be taught a fucking lesson

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