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Discussion in 'Pure Bull' started by TerminalMadness, May 31, 2004.

  1. I'm venting out about certain things and channeling Lewis Black; now it's your chance:

    * People who talk on their cellphone at theaters
    * People who use the term Un-American
    * People who see a crowded bus and get on anyways thinking they can squeeze in.
    * People who bring noisy shopping bags to movie theaters
    * People who rev up their motorcycle engine in the middle of the night. You're not fucking desperado!
    * People who let their bratty kids run around the house at 3 in the morning
    * People who never tell you the time when you ask for it
    * People who take long on the payphones
    * People who walk at a slugs pace in shopping centers; move on, what the fuck is there to see?!
    * Doctors in emergency rooms who ask "How are we feeling today?" Great that's why I'm in the fucking ER!
    * People who argue on message boards and go off-topic (even I've done that)
    * People who talk to one another during a movie; why are you watching the movie if you're going to talk?
    * People who ask "where did you leave it last?" When you lose something. If I knew I'd have it by now.
    * People who are peppy all the time without the help of medication. Life isn't that good
    * Flavored Water; I think that's call juice! Buy juice! WTF's the use of flavored water?!
    * People who take their children to horror or drama films. If you're child is going to get bored and act up, then leave him home!
    * Those rich dickheads who poured expensive french wine down the drain to protest France. It's your money you're throwing down the drain, moron! No wonder why countries hate us!

    That's all for now. I'll think of some more later.

    Now it's your turn to vent.
  2. mystical_shroom

    mystical_shroom acerbic

    I cant stand it when people stand on your ass when you are waiting in line somewhere...
    I hate it when people bathe in cologne or perfume...
    Or when guys think that cologne covers up the smell of they douche there armpits with you get that mixture..
    Or when driving and you are in traffic and someone is again on your ass and its like, where the fuck do you want me to go..they think you have like go go gadget wheels or something..
    People who talk on cell phones whilst driving and almost crashing into you...
    People who ride bikes on a busy street...
    Young kids that own cell phones..
    Those crazy jenny jones, maury povich kids..

    The list could go on more but I think that shall do...
  3. Maggie Sugar

    Maggie Sugar Senior Member

    People who are on their cell phones ALL THE TIME, and then complain they have no life.

    People who have really dumbass, outdated, archaic and worthless "information" on a subject, due to "someone I know" or something they read in Reader's Digest 20 years ago, and insist anything new is shit or untrue. (Such as "margerine is good for you." "Formula is just as good as breastmilk" "Children need to be hit in order to grow up healthy and well behaved" "The French (or the Italians or the Poles or the blacks or the Latinos) always do this this way")

    People who NEVER try anything new.

    People who call me for nursing infomation, don't want to set up a consultation, try to refute anything I tell them, and have an argument for all my info. WHY do they call me?

    People who always think their situation is radically different than other people's, thus releasing them from any responsibility for what happens to them.

    People who try to grab my babies when they are in my arms.

    BIG ASS vehicles who run others off of the road.
  4. hello

    hello ~*resonance*~

    certain inconsequential things peeve me to no end.

    i was sitting in class today. i had plenty of room around me. several seats in fact. and someone steps into class late, walks right up and takes the seat immediately next to mine. that forces me to rearrange my stuff and sit awkwardly, because i am so damn claustrophobic in some situations.

    i had to sit there for the next 3 hours.

    i know, this is my problem.... i'm working on it.
    but it felt good to vent :)
  5. mystical_shroom

    mystical_shroom acerbic

    hello...i cant stand that either...

    I remember once me and a friend were at the movies and it was completely empty and someone walks in and out of all the seats he chose to sit right next to me...i dont understand that at all..So of course we get up and move..
    But yeah i hate when stuff like that happens..

    And maggie..hehehe that cell phone thing couldnt be more true..
  6. crummyrummy

    crummyrummy Brew Your Own Beer Lifetime Supporter

    I hate bust streets with no shoulder for me to bike on. I dont wanna ride on busy streets, but leaving where I live requires it for at least a short ways. I understand the little 2 lane back raods, but I just avoid those roads.
  7. NatureFreak412

    NatureFreak412 Art of Balance

    Pricks that get on to you for using marijuana. "its a drug, so its bad!" and when you try to explain something, and how the pros are better than the cons, and after you try and fill them full of knowledge about it, and they are like, Its still a drug so its bad.

    Closed minded people who wont do anythign because"it goes against what they were taught" even if its nothing wrong with it.

    waynks who cut a forest and leave the trees to rot.

    People who critisize(sp?) you for the way you look, and not bother to get to know you on the inside.

    people at school who think they are better than everyone else.

    People who wont listen to music cause it is old, like Led Zeppelin, or Hendrix.

    People who ride your ass while your going down the road, thats why there are fucking dotted lines so you can pass if you are in such a hurry.

    Sorry, but I felt like I needed to vent as well. Much better now.
  8. Dr. Lecter

    Dr. Lecter Member

    Here are some people that need to die a loud, fiery, creatively unique death that involves 140 decibel screaming:

    * People who use a credit card for minor grocery purchases
    * People who think it's cute to drink milk and get it all over their lip
    * Selfish, arrogant, asshole parents that take screaming babies on an airplane (Why not wait a few years until the kid is old enough to fucking remember the vacation?!)
    * People who say, "Believe you me" instead of "Believe me"
    * People who wear a headband or wristband during any sport
    * Speaking of sports, the 500-lb., hairy, sweaty, pasty, loudmouthed, inbred-looking vessels of walking beer lard you see at ball games, who paint their naked bodies the colors of their team
    * Guys that think it's really cool to wear a cigarette behind their ear
    * People who refer to themselves as "yours truly"
    * People who constantly use the term IMO, as though I'm too stupid to figure out whether it's an opinion or not
  9. Well, IMO I think the headband and wrist band are important, but believe you me it is pretty annoying IMO.
  10. nightmarehippygirl

    nightmarehippygirl LEVI'S MOMMY

    the fact that there is a speed limit AND a fast lane. how can there be both?

    as everyone has stated already, people who stay right on your ass when you're driving, especially on a one lane highway. am i supposed to pull over in a ditch to let them by, only so they can speed up and get caught at the same red light as me anyway?

    touchy feely strangers who wanna touch your hair, coat, whatever...

    people who constantly ask me how i stay so thin and what i eat. i feel tempted to tell them it's heroin (a lie) or that i starve myself (the truth). how freakin rude would it be if i went up to anyone and asked them how they stayed so fat, and what they ate all day...what the hell is the difference?

    running into people you knew from high school, who patronizingly ask you what you are doing now, and then proceed to tell you how mommy and daddy sent them to such a great school and bought them (insert expensive car or whatever here) and now they have an awesome job making x amount of dollars. *barf* who give's a rat's ass?

    people who are very high strung and offended by everything, either in real life or on the net. get a sense of humor..

    the woman in line at the grocery store who has 800 coupons and wants to get all the prices matched to the competitor's stores. there should be a line at the grocery store, by the express lane called the pain in the ass lane. make em go there.

    foreign people who don't speak english ALWAYS have to work the drive through window at fast food places. who makes that decision?

    hmmm that's all i can come up with off the top of my head. i'm sure i'll think of more.
  11. lover/young_peace

    lover/young_peace Senior Member

    i feel hated
  12. nightmarehippygirl

    nightmarehippygirl LEVI'S MOMMY

    why do you feel hated?
  13. lover/young_peace

    lover/young_peace Senior Member

    i am the asshole that does some of this stuff mention (but not the cell-phone stuff b/c i cant afford one)

    seriously one the old forums i was a nice person who made valid points.... what ever happened to me???
  14. lucyinthesky

    lucyinthesky Tie Dyed Soul

    *Girls under the age of 15 who wear thongs

    *Internet sluts (both male and female) who flex and show their asses and tits and stuff.....the only person i've seen make this look beautiful is hippiecool :eek: <3

    *When you wash your hands, and go to grab paper towel, and all the water drips down your arm and into your sleeves

    *PEOPLE WHO CLAP AT THE END OF MOVIES like who are they clapping for????? the projectionist?!?! Dumbasses (my mom does this..)

    *People who call you a geek for always being online.....where i by the way read up on a lot of interesting things, instead of spending countless hours watching completely unstimulating television.

    *Girls at the bar who go "OOOOOOOOOH THIS IS MY SONG!!!!!!!"

    *People who try to tell me that i'm too young to know/understand/love certain ways or certain things, holy shit does that ever piss me off

    *Narrow, close minded assholes who are scared of living outside of the "norm"


    *And last but not least, people who laugh at things that are clearly not funny......example: me dropping something, misplacing something, or showing up early for work. like what the hell is funny? psycho!

    *OH YA...inside jokes that people go on about forever and you have no idea what they're talking about

    *AND seriously this is the last one.......people who are really nice to you when you're alone, but as soon as someone you like is around, they act like you're the biggest idiot ever and you always do stupid things....that honestly makes me cry when i'm by myself......people are such assholes. this is gonna make me start a whole new thread..... :(
  15. *Girls at the bar who go "OOOOOOOOOH THIS IS MY SONG!!!!!!!"

    LMAO!!! that is so hilarious. that drives me nuts too!
  16. lover/young_peace

    lover/young_peace Senior Member

    oh damn ummm.... sorry about that.....

    wait, wait... do i hear "Don't get fooled again" by The Who????


    mwhahahaha wow im evil....
  17. nightmarehippygirl

    nightmarehippygirl LEVI'S MOMMY

    people that don't wash their hands after they go to the bathroom. double points if you are at someone's house, say eating dinner, and you notice that there isn't any hand soap in the bathroom. that not only means you can't properly wash your hands, but also that they didn't wash theirs (before cooking your food?)

    cheaply made crappy merchandise...doesn't matter where you buy it, everything falls apart right away. i purchased a shirt at the mall...the hem came out the first time i washed it. i put in a new nose ring about two days ago, and the damn little crystal thingy already fell out. this is in huge contrast to the vintage clothes that i have that are much older than i am and still look like brand new, even after years of wearing.
  18. lover/young_peace

    lover/young_peace Senior Member

    hey i thought of one...

    i hate when you're talking to someone and you say something about The Who and they say, "who?" and you say "The Who." "who?" "you know... the who." Who? "THE WHO YOU IDIOT!!!" who?

    oh god does that irk me... a few days ago somebody got me going for ten minutes with that before i realized what they were doing. by this time i was really pissed and forgot what i was going to say...

    so there... on topic post # 1 out of however many it says to the side...
  19. Dr. Lecter

    Dr. Lecter Member

    Here's another irritating habit: guys (for some reason, only guys do this) who can't refer to the telephone without making that thumb-and-pinky gesture next to their ear - I think I know how a telephone is used, I don't need to play charades about it.

    And how about those wonderful telephone menus? Those things are so wretched, I've heard that listening to them causes cancer. The ones that say, "If you want such-and-such, press 1 on your touch tone phone now." They actually say, "on your touch tone phone." What the hell other number one am I going to press besides the one on my phone?

    Guys (again, only guys do this) who can't leave a room without saying, "I'm outta here." I don't need someone to narrate something I can see for myself.

    Devout Christians who use that phony, Shakespearean English when they pray, words like "thee," "thou," "thine", etc. I say, look Moses, lose the pretension and get yourself a vocabulary that's consistent with the century in which you're living.
  20. lucyinthesky

    lucyinthesky Tie Dyed Soul

    lol....that was a really good list. "What the hell other number one am I going to press besides the one on my phone?" HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA oh man you rule. :)

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