Veggie tacos (was Yum!)

Discussion in 'Vegetarian Recipes' started by moonflower04, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. moonflower04

    moonflower04 Member

    i was craving tacos and i havent eaten them since i gave up meat and dairy so i came up with this cheap and easy recipe...
    can black beans
    a pk of taco seasoning ... or you can make your own by scratch
    taco shells
    toffuti better then sour cream (let me just say this is amazing)

    heat beans (drain most of juice)
    and mushrooms together in a sauce pan
    cut up veggies
    when the beans and mushrooms are hot put in the taco seasoning let simmer
    put in taco shell with sour cream and veggies and enjoy ...
  2. Bassline514

    Bassline514 Member

    Well, I use one of those Old El Paso taco kits lol but replace the beef by a big can of brown lentils. Easy, cheap and yummy. Add lettuce and diced tomato and avocado, salsa, guacamole and grated soy cheese. You have a tasty and economic meal.
  3. Pseudeos

    Pseudeos Guest

    That sounds gooood! Have you ever tried veggie nachos? Also gooood!
  4. goodvibes83

    goodvibes83 Senior Member

    i'm on my third round of vegetarianism it's been just over three weeks now and i have been craving tacos too...sounds perfect

    thanks for reviving this thread :D
  5. I use the "beef" (fake) crumbles in place of meat. It's VERY good.
  6. wa bluska wica

    wa bluska wica Pedestrian

    have been considering sweet potato and black bean tacos [or tamales?] for some time, need to try this soon

    maybe some roasted/peeled anaheims [or just bells?] on top, some fried onions? cilantro?

    btw, never use those horrible shells, put the filling that will stay put in a regular corn tortilla, and fry in oil in a frying pan, flip, fry some more, drain, pat, add other fillings [lettuce, liquids]

    you will find it to be a vast improvement [cheaper too]

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