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Discussion in 'Vegetarian' started by jendi17, May 26, 2004.

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    I've been a vegetarian for a while now and for some reason I never ate veggie burgers...didn't have the craving I I'm getting the craving for something grilled on a bun, so, I was wondering what is in veggie burgers, and are Boca Burgers vegetarian?
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    Well, what's inside them depends, but you're bound to find soy, the rest can vary, sometimes it's potatoes, you can have peas, lentils, carrots, whatever you want really :)

    I'm not sure whether all Boca burgers are vegetarian, but some are... at least, all the Boca burgers we get here are vegetarian. You can always check, it says so on the package :D.

    Boca burgers have a taste and texture almost identical to meat burgers... which kinda creeps out some people, at least me. I always have to check if they're real meat, lol :p I don't eat them because they're kinda hard to get here, plust they're manufactured by Kraft, and I avoid all Kraft foods the best I can...

    Some restaurants have their own varieties of veggie burgers, I suggest you try them out :D
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    All Boca burgers are vegetarian (ovo-lacto) but not all are vegan. Some are vegan however, and have it listed prominently on the package.
    You also may want to try the Gardenburger Hamburger Style or Flame Grilled, which are similar to Bocas and meat burgers.
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    I've always assumed that Boca Burgers were vegetarian - well, at least, when my Dad regularly ate at home. He's not into pork, beef, ham, chicken, etc., so I've trusted him in regards to Boca Burgers being vegetarian. I haven't had any boca burgers in Japan, and I miss them.

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