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Discussion in 'Vegetarian' started by chandra anjali, May 13, 2004.

  1. howdy fellers! my good lovely friend b stayed the night last night and i'm about to make breakfast, what is a good vegetarian breakfast/recipe mainly of fruit?
  2. ImaPeach

    ImaPeach Member

    probably a bit late for this post... but... i'd prob make a smoothie. just throw everything u got in with some milk and orange juice! or make waffles with fruit on top and some honey..yummmy...... oh god. munchies just kicked in. damnit!
  3. DoktorAtomik

    DoktorAtomik Closed For Business

    Oh man, yeah, waffles.... forgot about that! Waffles topped with bananas, strawberries, maple syrup and whipped cream.... *slobber*
  4. Duncan

    Duncan Senior Member

    Even though it is late spring heading into the summer months, I still have no problem eating hot cereal for breakfast. While oatmeal is a general staple, there are tons of other grains that I use instead. Quinoa, rye, groats, barley are just a few. They can be served up with peaches, apples, dried fruit, nuts, seeds and or a variety of other gifts of nature :)
  5. Sionnach

    Sionnach Member

    ohy man im signed in as dan
  6. Thats better. Im not dan anymore.

    Anyway. Arnt those waffle things more kinda....desserty?????????

    If your noty vegan id have to say....scrambgled eggs on toast! Mmmmmmmmmm Im addicted to scrambled eggsd at the mo. I love em

    *samurai seahorse turns into a big pile of scrambled eggs....*
  7. Pobble

    Pobble Member

    mmmmm- buttered toast and soft boiled eggs with the yolks all runny :p
  8. DoktorAtomik

    DoktorAtomik Closed For Business

    Take a load of garlic, chilli and cumin seeds, onion, and red pepper. Fry in olive oil. Add a load of fresh tomatoes, or a can of the same. Reduce down by cooking slowly until you have a thick pulp. Throw in a couple of beaten eggs and cook until the textures kinda like scrambled egg. You now have hot 'n' spicey scrambled eggs. Serve on thick, hot brown toast :)
  9. :D tomatoe omlettes!
  10. jesuswasamonkey

    jesuswasamonkey Slightly Tipsy


    Coffee and Cigarettes will RULE the realm of breakfast with an iron fist foreverandeveramen!
  11. squawkers7

    squawkers7 radical rebel

    NAAWWWWW, coffee & cigarettes are just the appertizers untill I can wake up enough for yogurt, banana or fruit salad, and toast with peanut butter.
  12. artful_dodger

    artful_dodger Member

    Scrambled tofu!

    Cube or break up hard tofu and marinate in soy or braggs, a teensy bit of rice wine vinegar, and sesame oil. Slice some mushrooms and green onions. Grate a bunch of sharp cheddar.

    Saute the mushrooms in a mis of olive oil and butter. When they're just about done, add the tofu (drain it first), then the cheese and green onions.

    If you're vegan, substitute veggie cheese & eliminate the butter.
  13. PriceCheck

    PriceCheck Senior Member

    Fruit. And also toast.

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