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Discussion in 'Astrology' started by originalsacrament, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. I had a friend who had this book on Vedic Astrology, and I was wondering if anyone here knew anything about it, or could help me with it... :eek:
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    I have many Vedic astrology friends, and know a bit. What sort of question do you have? It's very complicated, and it's also the most predictive form of astrology in the world. Learning it is hard and takes years but there's a software program called, Parashara's Light which is great and you can get sample readings from the website
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    what exactly is Vedic Astrology if you don't mind my asking ? I've never heard of it before. o_O
  4. Its been a while since i last read anything about astrology, but if i may recall i rember that the sky is divided into parts bascily the sky we see is completly diffrent from the sky people in india or diffrent parts of the world whould see.

    So what happens is all the stars are lined up diffrently in India and in north america.

    We in north america go by western astrology which is the way we see the stars.
    it is also a lot more popular then vedic astrology.

    In India they go by vedic astrology which is how they see the stars in that part of the world.
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    fascinating. but i did read on that site something about Hindu. it almost sounds like a religion or something. i'm so confused. ^^;;
  6. Jedi

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    OOHH!! alright so we have to tell you the truth :D

    Vedic astrology comes from the "Vedas" that are ancient hindu scriptures...

    Vedas mean - knowledge and the people who wrote them , wrote about religion, mathematics, medicine, music , some science about crazy machines and astrology.

    Astrology was also considered a science in ancient India but vedic astrology does not focus on the future. It focuses on your mental state of mind, what you are and how you think- how you can make a better future and if you stay the way you are then what might happen to you in your future. Because vedas believe in things like "Karma" - every action has equal and opposite reaction... and "Dharma"- duty etc,- they say that your future depends on your mental state of mind and what is written for you keeps changing with the type of actions you take .

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