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  1. wobblies

    wobblies Member

    I have a glass pipe and a homemade bong (made from a 2-liter bottle, piece of PVC pipe and thimble) which have treated me greatly, but I'm looking for a smoother and healthier alternative.

    So, I'm wondering where to find a quality convection-based (ideally) vape online for relatively cheap and will ship in non-conspicuous packaging.

    I saw a couple on GorillaGlass that look too good to be true, can anyone attest for their quality?

    Thanks a whole bunch,
  2. problem with GG is you need to order a minimum of $150 AND 12 or 15 items
  3. Treath

    Treath Member

    Ebay has a whole bunch of them. I bought mine off of it.
    I have a Vapolution, but I rarely use it because I can't stand waiting for it to warm up.
  4. krewskater

    krewskater Member

    Cheap, good convection vape - .

    I've been using it for over a year and love it so much. It conserves a lot, tastes good, and the vaporizer high is unique and enjoyable. Tips I give to everyone I've used mine with are - inhale slowly, don't pull it hard and fast; hold the lighter the way they show you in that diagram, don't let it touch the glass; once you feel the vapor on your throat it's time to inhale. It's a very distinct feeling and you'll know it as soon as you feel it in the back of your mouth. Several friends have bought ubie's after I "converted" them. I've also heard good things about the vaporgenie wood pipe thing but it's pretty much the same just much harder to break. You could get 6 ubie's for the same price (probably less when you factor in shipping) and then keep 2 and sell 4. I've also seen the eagle bill thing but that looks like a straight up crack pipe and I think it's conduction in which case you might as well use a soldering iron or a lightbulb to make a vape.
  5. danie_ditz

    danie_ditz Guest

    check out my website - - the vapor genie is an awesome product. i personally have a volcano and a vapor genie, and ive tried a couple of vaporizers that are somewhere in between. the volcano works fast and awesome every time, the vapor genie naturally isn't quite as fast, but, once you get the hang of lighting it it gets you super stoned.
  6. danie_ditz

    danie_ditz Guest

    ps how the hell do you create a signature on this site! im new to it, thanks for any help!!

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