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  1. paul21

    paul21 Member

    Whats a vaporizer like never used one before. Does it affect you the same. Thinking of getting one, i would miss the smoke though i think. Is it the same
  2. paul21

    paul21 Member

    Thats kul man, Id like to hear some personal experiences. Thinkin of gettin one and givin up the smokin. Does it feel the same or would you miss smokin it.
  3. wonka816

    wonka816 Oh Davey

    ive never used one but from what ive heard the high from a real vape is a bit different than smoking. some people dont like it as much and some like it more. i think it'd be a good idea to try and find a friend that has one and try it out to see if you like it. most people say they are incredible though and conserve a lot of weed. id love to try one out
  4. Here is a review I just did with the VaporGenie.

    Basically when you smoke you are allowing more than just THC to enter your lungs. You are also getting carcinogens from burning the actual plant material of weed. This is not good for your lungs.

    A vaporizer in effect heats up the weed enough to release the THC, but not to burn the actual weed. This cause a "vapor" of THC to enter your lungs. This is MUCH MUCH MUCH less harmful to yourself, while still getting you high. It gives you much more of a "head high", because the "sleepy" or "body high" that you feel when you burn weed is actually the effect of the carcinogens that enter your system. When you vaporize you get ONLY the THC and you generally also get higher.
  5. paul21

    paul21 Member

    Thanks guys great reviews, I think im goin to get meself one of then.
  6. Rheepublic

    Rheepublic Member

    Well, I made a home made vaporizer and did it with my friend. We took about two puffs and we were good for the night. It was amazing. The high was a lot different than with a joint.
  7. monstermann68

    monstermann68 Member

    ^^ home made vapes are nothing compared to quality commercial vapes. if you think those are good, try a real one... ;)

    to the OP: vaping is much nicer than smoking in my opinion and here are the reasons why:

    1. it's better for you. my lungs actually feel healthier and more efficient after i stopped smoking about 5 months ago.
    2. you save a lot of weed. i go through about 1/2 the weed i would if i smoked it. in other words, even an expensive vape will pay for itself in saved weed in no time. the reason why it is so much more efficient is because you aren't combusting the THC in a vape. when you smoke, you heat up the THC to combustion temps, which causes a significant percentage of the THC to decompose. in a vape, you get it all... :)
    3. the taste is much better. when you exhale you kind of savor that sweet smell and taste instead of feeling like a chimney.
    4. less smell overall than smoke. if stealth is an issue, vaping will help keep the smell to a minimum.
    5. when you inhale, you hardly even notice the vapor coming in. it's like you're just breathing in cool air. no scratching or irritating the back of your throat.
    6. the high is a little "cleaner". the difference is notable, but not overly dramatic.

    1. not very portable. since vapes need power, you need to be near a power source. while you can buy inverters for the car to run the vape off your cigarette lighter, it's kind of clumsy and difficult to do discretely if you are passenger in the car. camping with a vape is obviously not possible. :(
    2. they can break if you aren't careful with them. but most respectable vape companies offer great warranties. this is another reason to buy a decent vape instead of finding the cheapo ones on ebay.

    in summary, vapes are the shit.
  8. paul21

    paul21 Member

    Thanks guys does anybody know of a good website that sells vaporizers cheap
  9. Hippie McRaver

    Hippie McRaver Senior Member

    I have used the volcano extensively and the one that is a little wooden box with the tube I forget what its called, anyway I get so much higher from vaporizers it feels like regular smoking but its only the thc something like 99% is released as opposed to somewhere around 50% with a bong and even less for joints, etc.

    also IMO ebay has the best deals, if you are in America and nothing comes up, go to they always have everything but as stated they may be of lower quality than the expensive stuff, however id imagine they would still work fine.
  10. monstermann68

    monstermann68 Member

    i have heard great things about these vape companies:

    Vapor Brothers

    Silver Surfer
    (I have this one, and it is fantastic)

    Da Buddha

    When it comes to prices and vapes, you get what you pay for. If you go cheap, you'll get cheap.
  11. This isn't really true. Vapes need a heat source, not necessarily "power". The VaporGenie and the VaporStar are both completely portable vaporizers which get their "power" source from a lighter.
  12. monstermann68

    monstermann68 Member

    maybe so. still, if you're in a car it certainly is not as convenient as just lighting an already rolled joint. :cool:

    plus i find it hard to believe (although i haven't tried personally) that the vaporgenie is anywhere the quality of vape that a silver surfer, volcano or vaporbros is.
  13. It is as convenient as a joint, and it is much less likely to get you busted in the process. Very little smell and the vapor doesn't linger long.

    You should read my review. I have have tried many different styles of whip vapes and plenty of volcanoes so my review is not biased whatsoever.
  14. danie_ditz

    danie_ditz Guest

    Hey Paul,

    My website sells Vapor Genie's for a lot cheaper than in stores. It's an amazing product, I live in an apartment building so I can't really smoke tons of pot without getting kicked out, the genie's perfect. I have a volcano too, which of course is gonna work faster since it's electric but the vapor genie is a great alternative


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