Discussion in 'Canada' started by lyla, Jun 1, 2004.

  1. lyla

    lyla Member

    hey hey everyone! is anyone out there in Vancouver?
    I live in Surrey for the summer, and Victoria during the year.

    peace love and rock & roll
  2. Crystaleyez

    Crystaleyez Member

    Surrey girl eh? just joking
  3. lyla

    lyla Member

    Surrey Pride darling! :p

    are you still around BC?
  4. Stu

    Stu Member

    Hey !! I live in White Rock !! ( for those who don't know, that's like 10 min. drive from surrey.) Canada Rocks !!! Happy soon to be Canada Day !
  5. Prisoner #6

    Prisoner #6 Member

    I've heard great things about Vancouver.

    I've got some vacation coming in the fall and I'm considering Vancouver.

    I've know that they had decriminalized M.J. there, but that was years ago. Has it changed?

    Anyway all of the photos I have of it look gorgeous!
  6. Rayeine

    Rayeine Member

    Heyy there!...haha oh yes, Surrey... Dont worry, im sure you've heard enough harassing comments made about that little place. Im from Delta..
    (not Surrey)...although If i cross the street...

    well get the picture.

    Where are you at?

    -much love
  7. Guitar_god_

    Guitar_god_ Member

    Yeah, I'm from Abbotsford. Vancouver is pretty cool, there are some cool stores there, and all the homeless people seem like nice guys, lol
  8. Victoria <3
  9. lyla

    lyla Member

    So you're from Victoria? I'm over there now for school! I love it! It's such a pretty city!

    Well, I was pretty close to Guildford, but now, not so close :)
    I did live in Delta for a while, but my family moved on up to Surrey some years ago :p
    Which school do you go to?
  10. Where abouts in Victoria are you? I used to live in Vic West/Esquimalt. I loved it. I could walk anywhere I wanted.. and if I was too lazy - there's always the bus for $1.10 or $1.75 (and transfers so you don't pay more than once :) )

    I now live up island but I'm still in love with Victoria.
  11. I live in ladysmith, spend some time in vancouver nice place :)
  12. chaos

    chaos Member

    i;m some what near vancouver too.

    this is a pretty good crowd, we should get together and have a picnic or something.
  13. Granolahead

    Granolahead Member

    Ive only been living in Vancouver a few months now and i love it! Its funny cause i heard about the Surry girl jokes the first day here
  14. picnic sounds great
  15. chaos

    chaos Member


    i'm going to van tommorrow but that is prolly too short notice for folks. or is it?....

  16. lyla

    lyla Member

    a picnic would be great! i won't be back for a while, but if i'm around i'd totally be in for it!
  17. Yeah I'd need plenty of notice if I were going to even consider going. *sigh*. Sadly it's hard to be independant and free-spirited at 16. haha.
  18. BlackGuardXIII

    BlackGuardXIII fera festiva

    Hey GG, I am from Abbotsford, too, but I used to live in Victoria, and it is way way cooler.
  19. lyla

    lyla Member

    i'm going to be back in surrey nov 10-14... what's say we organize a get together! Anybody else able to make it then?
  20. chaos

    chaos Member

    sounds good, where do ya wanna meet?

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