Van Helsing?

Discussion in 'TV' started by SweeperOfDreams13, May 9, 2004.

  1. Anyone seen it?
    I might see it tonight.
    Good reviews?
    Bad reviews?
  2. Lilyrayne

    Lilyrayne Chrisppie

    My husband and I saw this movie. I'm deaf and so I missed most of what was said, but I am still able to enjoy movies and kinda get what's going on for the most part, and that movie was BOOORRINNG, cheesy, and kinda stupid and overdone. And oh, did I mention the acting was bad? I think there were like 1 or 2 good actors... I think Hugh Jackman could have done SO much better.

    My husband's opinion, who is a big movie freak and pretty forgiving of them, lol, said that it was good but slow. Unless you're one of those people that LOVES to see movies on the big screen (he is) you'd be better off just renting it when it comes out on DVD and saving your money.
  3. SharyBobbins

    SharyBobbins QPR Football Fan

    yeah $2.00 is so much cheaper than $10.00 + so it is better to rent. Go see Troy. Brad Pitt [Fight Club] Eric Bana [The Hulk] and Orlando Bloom [Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl] are in it. And Spiderman 2 is one to see in the cinema.
  4. Sebbi

    Sebbi Senior Member

    If there is a fucking Katana in there, I swear I will shoot someone. I am UP to here with Katanas!




    (P.S. Had to do the dots otherwise it would've condensed the spaces.)
  5. osiris

    osiris Senior Member

    Might as well call this movie an attempt at catholic propaganda. don't waste your money.

    much love :)
  6. Lilyrayne

    Lilyrayne Chrisppie

    What is a Katana?
  7. Pablo

    Pablo Member

    what do you all have against van helsing? it was an action movie, what else did you expect? it had great action.
  8. Megara

    Megara Banned

    my only real problem with the movie was some over acting done by dracula and the brides...seriously, there were scenes of the brides just like twirling in circle of standing in some unnatural position for effect..that stuff was totally unneeded...

    i think kate beckinsale is yummy though, so i am probably more forgiving than others :p
  9. osiris

    osiris Senior Member

    action was kickin. but it just seemed so rushed together, and had the potential to be both a good action flick and a good flick in general. i would have rather gone and seen kill bill vol. 2.

    much love :)
  10. Dolphin~Rider

    Dolphin~Rider Member

    I thought it was truly awful. No plot, so-so effects, lousy acting-oh, and the gypsy princess (bad stereotype) wears too much make-up and no one else in this village is dressed like that. It's just ridiculous! Too bad, too. I really like Hugh Jackman.
  11. Pablo

    Pablo Member

    Gypsey princess? who? oh the female hero, i think she was dressed like that cause she wasnt from around there. But honestly i would rather hugh had stayed on with the x-men movies, i heard he quit them and this is what hes doing now, its good but id rather see him as wolverine
  12. fullybaked

    fullybaked Banned

    its really good i think
  13. Duckie

    Duckie Member

    Haha...I just watched it tonight at a friend's house. I thought it was funny...but didn't like the ending much...but then again, we wern't really watching it...short attention span. :) I like carl the frier(sp?)

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