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    Well, it's been a long time since I've visited the forum (we just moved across country[again] and are finally getting settled)The area where we moved to has just had an epidemic of whooping cough. Makes me a little nervous sometimes when things like that happen- but ya know it's just mind boggling to find that those children were "immunized" What is the point?!?!?!
  2. are awesome. I wish you were my mom. :)

    About vaccines....they don't always work. I still managed to catch measles and chicken pox!
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    My wife and I parent in the natural manner like most of you. We are also home schooling both of our girls. My wife has done extensive research on vaccinations and both of our childern are without vaccinations. In our city, you can go WITHOUT vaccinations with a simple form provided to you from the local health department. There are numerous books at the library on vaccinations, home shooing, etc that will even explain your rights to you. If you have questions in your area I would highly recommend to consult an attorney. Contact your local Bar Association for a referral to someone versed in this field. Any conspiracy theory is debateable ( I am a therorist myself). Health precautions are such that allergies, autism, etc have been linked (check w/ Mothering Magizine). We were told from a peditrician in a screaming voice that "WE WOULD BE KILLING OUR CHILDERN AND IT WOULD BE OUR FAULT", this was stated eight (8) times, till we had to leave. Research and study and most of all network, don't stop till you are satisfied about your lifestyle. Don't be intimidate!!!!! Listen to Carolyn Mayse(?) about following socitial predifined conditioning. Don't be a sheep, stand up for what you feel is right. I will help in any way I can, stay strong!
  4. Vaccinations don't cause autism, autism is genetic (I work with autistic kids ages 2 to 9).
    And even if it did, which would you rather have: a happy autistic child or a dead child?
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    My kids are vaccinated, but I'm not all that happy about it. My twins just had their first MMR shot about a month ago and I was a wreck over it. Especially when my son started vomiting that evening. I was convinced it was due to the shot.

    It's really hard because, there are so many people that think it's just horrible NOT to vaccinate your child, that it's a form of abuse if you don't. I worry about what is actually IN those shots and how it will affect my children. I really wish I didn't have to have my children vaccinated, yet I also worry about them getting sick from NOT having them, and if I chose not to vaccinate them and they ended up severely ill, or my God, worse, I'd have to live with that for the rest of my life, because I could have prevented it.

    It's a really tough situation, but I did choose to vaccinate because I just couldn't risk the possibilty that I could lose my children to something that I could actually do something about. Yes, I would much rather have an autistic child than a child that didn't make it due to being affected by a severe reaction to an illness. No doubt.

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    I am an adult who is 24 and have only had a tetnus shots, I am also currently recovering from Whopping cough, as are all the members of my household and all of our friends. I was suprised because even friends who were vac. for it have come down with it. Just got to cough for 100days it is only really bad for the fist 6 weeks anyway. and once I am done with it I am good for life. I will say that if I were to have a child I would vac for Whooping cough just because a friends 7mo old got it and it has been scary to hear him cough and another friends 4mo got it and she had been sick when she got it so it has been worse. It is amazing wha one weekend at a festival with friends from oput of town can bring!

    Just my thoughts

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    I have three kids 10. 6, &5. They have never had a vaccination. they participate in sports, 4h and if they wanted to school. I apologize to no-one for my beliefs. I researched BOTH sides of the debate b4 I made my descion. when whooping cough spread through my town my unvaccinated children were of the few who did not come down with it. Its about raising healthy children by keeping them on healthy food, teaching proper hygiene (wash your hands) and having faith that its all going to b OK. and as for them getting a disease, I would feel worse if I chose to give my healthy child a shot that messed them up for life and I could have prevented it. If vaccines are so safe why when I took my daughter to a neuroligist for siezures did he ask me first off if she had had any shots in the week preceeding the first seizure. he told me that he see's more kids with vaccine induced siezures than any other kind. not my kid

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