US v Duval History in the Making (Prisoners of the Marijuana War)

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    I wanted to share this video with everyone. This video talks about the US Vs Duval case. This case is about Jeremy and Jerry Lee Duval. These two men were growing medical marijuana in the state of Michigan and was in complete compliance with Michigan's marijuana laws. Everything was completely legal and was even confirmed by the Monroe county Sheriff's department. Even though the Sheriff's department was okaying the Duval's to grow marijuana, they were also part of a DEA program called, "Operation HEMP." This program is funded by the DEA and is used to catch any marijuana growers; legal or illegal in the state. Both Jerry Lee and Jeremy Duval both pleaded "Not Guilty" and went to trial head-to-head with the Federal government. On April 20th, 2012, Jeremy was sentenced to 5 years in prison and Jerry Lee was sentenced 10 years in prison. They are one of the few caregivers that did not take a plea bargain, which mean they can appeal their case to a higher court. If this case makes it to the Supreme Court, they can potentially end the prohibition on marijuana federally. The goal of The Prisoners of the Marijuana War is to publicize this case as much as possible, so they will be able to win their appeal. Also, if we raise enough money, we will also be able to travel the country and record other caregiver's stories about how the DEA wrongfully prosecuted them for following their state's laws. Please help us by spreading the word of this case and spreading this youtube video around. Listed below is a link to our fundraising page so we will be able to travel the country and make this documentary. Thank you all for your time and together, we could make a huge difference.
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    Fight the good fight.
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    Thanks for the support McFuddy!
  4. I will check it out...thanks for posting it :)
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    Updated video, Jerry Lee Duval Self surrendering in Devens, MA on June 11th, 2013 to serve his 10 year sentence for being a medical marijuana patient.

    This is a petition to pardon Jerry Lee from prison.

    Please share these videos and the petition with your friends, family and coworkers! It's a shame that good, hardworking, tax paying and law abiding citizens get locked up as if they were criminals, let's not forget medical patients!

    Fighting every day the government hypocrisy ignoring state laws and imprisoning upstanding citizens

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