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  1. willpower

    willpower Member

    hi guys and gals... im back....

    anyways updates.....

    erowild the township of doverfoxcroft is where the land is located my understanding is that ita a papermill town and most people commute to newport

    i also was informed that the river gets a sheet of iceaboot a foot thick on it in the winter time....

    im planning a trip for a final inspection in march or so... will all of you whom are interested contact me so we can see if there is going to be a coincidental weekend... im arranging rides for most... erowild i have a ride factored in for you if you are available and If anyone else interested please let me know!

    also i wooould like to say to all of you with a homesteaders heart that there is also smaller tracts availablee at great prices

    9 ac... on stream....20,000
    11 ac...15,000
    5 ac...15,000
    6.75 acre....10,000
    15 acrees on stream...20,000

    no money down just assumtion of a payment generally between 100 and 200 bucks!
    just food for thought!

    i have almost finished the first draft of the building plans! yeah....

    an amish style barn...
    2 different cabin types
    a blackmith shop
    a carpenters shop
    a meat smoke house
    a root cellar
    a cob bath house

    WHew! talk about busy while banned!! lol


    how goes it with you guys,oldwolf,rabbit,erowild,cobcottage,tzu23, and anyone else i may have overlooked... catch me up on evrything i missed!

    Man the feelings of triumpantness is exilirating!
  2. erowid

    erowid Member

    Great to hear from you again will, dont worry about rides for me, My only concern is getting the photovoltaic cells, turbines, sand, straw, and roofing supplies, if you're talkin in March keep in mind I live over in North Dakota, so its a bit of a round trip, I dare say I'd be better to wait till June, if you think it'll still be quiet important I'll be there anytime you need me I don't do to much I can't blow off nowadays. I'll have a good car, I'll just be selling it to buy many of the supplies I just listed when I get there. You figure they have an electrician in that town? I've heard wiring an inverter is no simple matter. That's righteous that we're gonna have a blacksmith around, hope he can teach me a thing or two. Keep me updated man.


    Here was my thoughts for crops seeds/vendors(fedco would seem to be better for trees). We probably couldn't plant trees till next spring, many varieties are already out of stock for early 2005 delivery. Both johnny seed and fedco do many a variety of garlic seed too, I just forgot to include them.


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  3. willpower

    willpower Member

    excellent chad....

    about an electrician im sure there will be one around....however as a part of obtaining my masters i had to study and applied electrical, and prove an overall extensive knowledge of mechanical engineering which basically means if they draw it we can build it....

    i did the same thing about a car i bought a reliable transportation with excellent resale value

    considering the land is only a couple of miles out of town i intend to commute by horse back!so i will be sellling my truck to provide a large sum of money for our needs!

    i was thinking i really needed you there then only for a weekend cuz the agri-layout is what determines the structure placement....i woould hate to put foundatioons in on prime agri-land and then only have land left to be betttter siuted for houses... i know sun exposure and wind are important factors so anyways if u cant make it maybe you can get with hank or cobcottage and they will look into somethings and give me a hand? who knows.....
  4. nwrfred

    nwrfred Member

    willpower, i was wondering if you could send me more details on those lands you listed? including who to contact about purchase. are any of them abbuting yours? can you tell us more about your location? i think your plans sound great and i'd be interested in developing a project in conjunction with yours. especially if it's a no or low money down. look forward to hearing more. peace nwrfred
  5. rabbit801

    rabbit801 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    hey guys, go to www.groworganic.com for you gardening needs. they are organic of course and also are openpollinated which means you can replant the seeds from your crops. they also have all kinds of good soil, really they are just stocked full of good stuff. their name is peaceful valley farm supply. they are really near me here where i am at, but they will ship to ya.
    hope this is useful info for ya.

    all my respect--rabbit
    p.s. if ya'll ever need to share info, I have lots of useless or useful depending on the day, so e-mail me if you'd like to have our phone #'s
  6. willpower

    willpower Member

    hey fred,

    the info on that is as follows


  7. cobcottage

    cobcottage Member

    Hi everyone, long time no see. Dover-Foxcroft is here- Link

    You are farther south in Maine than I thought you were...hmmm.
  8. rabbit801

    rabbit801 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    hey, will, did ya get my pm to ya yesterday? just wondering. talk to you soon....
    in love and light my friend
  9. Spanky

    Spanky Member

    Hey Y'all

    I am new to these forums (three days) but I have some interesting ideas for you.
    Check with the papermill to see if you can pick up truck loads of shredded paper or waste paper, they usually give the stuff away for free, then you can build with cordwood and papercrete. You can timber frame then use cordwood for the walls. You will need the R factor in Maine for the winter and cordwood has an amazing r factor.
    Check out Rob Roy's site

    Seeds, check out southern seed exposure, they usually give away older seeds at the beginning of each year, they are good seeds but not viable for sale as the germination will be less that the packet states. Last year I got loads of tomato and pepper seeds for free that grew really well upstate in the cold.
    Fedco has done the same in the past so its always worth asking about their freebies.

    Also, look in the back of Mother Earth News, there are several people who offer free seeds if you pay postage.

    Are you still looking for more people to come up there in March?


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