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Discussion in 'Politics' started by wrat1, Oct 20, 2021.

  1. wrat1

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    Funny things that. I am a member of quite a few diametrically opposing forums and the amount of vitriol I see for opposing sides is disturbing most are largely US based and while on a few political discussion is completely verboten there are subjects that come up where the undercurrents and inferences are glaringly obvious , the divide is so large I wonder if it can be closed
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  2. ~Zen~

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    There are many who use the media for disruption of society.

    We frown on that, and don't allow rabid political nonsense here. This is a safe space to talk, not for propaganda.
  3. wrat1

    wrat1 Members

    Nothing to do with being a safe space, this forum obviously is pretty far left and a large majority of members spend a lot of effort throwing shade on the right ( some well deserved no doubt ) and I dont see much talk or effort attempting to bridge the widening gap , just observations , I see the same thing on other forums that lean far right, a nation divided can not stand
  4. wrat1

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  5. erofant

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    WHO was the catalyst for the fairly recent rabid vitriol and the escalation of political hatred??? (here in the U.S.) It wasn't always like this. Calm discussions could be had between both sides for years. That started to change around the year 2000. Harsh political rhetoric and taking on a "he-man, tough guy" image became fashionable ........ and as time went on ....... it became necessary. Name-calling (like school-yard KIDS) became standard procedure after T**** entered the picture. Verbal attacks on women were next - based usually on how "hot" - or not - they were.

    If people can't recognize a divisive effort when it's staring them in the face ........ there's no hope.
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  6. scratcho

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    Limbaugh and Gingrich really kicked up the lying and the vitriol. One down, one to go. And I personally have no interest in conservative thought or the republican party as being the best for the working people of this country. The only "good " thing about trump is that he has shown the world what the republican / conservatives stand for and how blatantly they will act to obtain what is best for those who finance them. And how the rich get their payback through legislative fiat.
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  7. Imdan

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    It correlates with the widespread adoption of colorized television. That's when things really start to heat up. It has something to do with color tv. Most people don't notice this. Only a genius ever notices.
  8. scratcho

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    It has to do with those weird little clouds that seem to only float by on thursdays. Most people don't even see them or recognize what's being done to them when they make their passes. The truth will come out--people are working on this and everyone will know soon. ( PS: do not make two consecutive lefts if driving on thursday. Or Friday.)
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  9. erofant

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    BINGO. Spot-on.
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  10. Vladimir Illich

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    The Americans are mere amateurs, the scumbag 'nasty party' here in the uk have been doing this, not just for a couple of decades, but for the past 300 years !!!
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    Remembering when Representative Steve Scalise was shot. It was during a charity softball game between Republicans and Democrats.

    The charity game was to promote cooperation between the two political parties.
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