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    My first post! Um, this is by far and away not my best but I could use some help with it... seems a little disjointed to me and went way awry from where I meant to take it.... anyways.

    Take care to contest my salvation;
    that rehabilitation of attitudinal reactions
    might ignite an old, idle infatuation
    become that combusting fusion eruption
    scorching the horizon in the early a.m.
    and sometime later, people wake up
    turn the coffee pot in the kitchen on
    and regular programming will resume

    it is a new day and age, imagine that.
    we don’t dance with painted faces
    in worship of golden phallic gods
    who require sacrifice of virgin blood.
    we have crawled from that archaic crib
    and tuned into fm radio stations
    and turned on satellite televisions
    and yes, we’ve built bombs
    and blown each other up
    but maybe some of us are learning
    that progress is problematic;
    that power provided to the depraved
    can wipe the entire of life away.
    After all, dinosaurs once dominated,
    then died, their evolution suffocated

    but the debris was cleared, everything rerouted,
    adapted and dealt with the altered settings
    and the planet never stopped cold in orbit
    some people should catch on.

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