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Discussion in 'Poetry' started by citrus_seas, Sep 2, 2005.

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    This is for all you senators, prime ministers in parliament today,
    You try to bring us down, shove us 'round until we can't get through the day,
    The war is still raging on, we can't see the dawn, we can't sing our song,
    Our song of peace, and if you please, you'll never let it cease.

    For all you rappers, hip-hoppers, and goths,
    Nobody cares what you have lost,
    Keep all of your fresh beats, and all of your sorrow,
    And I'll take my peace and love and have me a new tomorrow,
    So what if i'm a hippie, you tell me i'm dirty, but I hope you'll find,
    I'd rather be dirty on the skin, than polluted in the mind.

    To all you hypocrites, who say rock 'n' roll is dead,
    Why don't you look around and get it in your head,
    Mr. Young was right when said it can never die,
    And you someone like him can never lie.
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    that's nice man, love it

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