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    I was born and raised Jewish. It is a birthright which I recognize with pride. However, I choose not to follow it as my spiritual path. I am a Unitarian-Universalist; I can forge my own path while working at saving the planet and helping those around me.
    I participate in Wiccan rituals although I do not consider myself part of the practice.
    I'm also gay; something that has been a constant albeit expressed differently over the years.
    My spirit is always in flux.
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    Namaste, Duncan. I'm a Methodist but attend a free thinkers group that is mostly Unitarian-Universalist and meets at the Unitarian-Universalist church. Unitarian-Universalism is unique in not having a common doctrine, although there are common progressive values that seem to tie most members together. Where else can Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Wiccans, agnostics, atheists, etc., experience spiritual fellowship?
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    I was raised a Unitarian-Universalist. Some say Unitarians are Jews that eat pork. Actually, while Judaism denies that Jesus was the son of God, Unitarianism merely doubts it. We also question the existence of God. It's like an Agnostic religion. There is a joke, "How do you scare a Unitarian? Burn a question mark on his lawn."

    Haven't been to any church in many years, I am now an Agnostic, partly because of my experiences as a Unitarian. If you'd like to attend church while keeping an open mind then this is the religion for you.
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    my parents took us to a uniy church when
    I was young. when I got older didn t want go they didn t care.. Think my dad missed it tho was a social thing for him,,Funny FBI had agent join church and go cause thought was commy church haha. My parents were diff religions both were against there marrage. so they desided to not raise us kids religious. Took us to uniy church just so we d have church not feel to diff from rest of kids ?? I didn t raise my kids religious eather. let them make up there own minds. I don t beleave there is a god . It is brain washed into ya hear from day ya born till ya die..
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    Unity church and Unitarian-Universalism are radically different things. Unity is a New Thought/NewAge "mind over matter" church very "right brained', intuitive, mystical in its orientation. I dated a woman from Unity once. We were taking a walk, and I remember telling her we'd better go no further or we'd be getting into a rough neighborhood. She told me not to have such negative thoughts cuz I'd make bad things happen just by thinking about them. The Unitarian-Universalists are in a sense the opposite--super rationalistic,left-braIned and analytical, tending to be guided by science and reason, but also completely without doctrine. Unitarians can be Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, pagans, atheists, agnostics, whatever, but they go to the same church and have a common "to whom it may concern' type service.
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    was a Unitarian-Universal church I just wrote uny cause thought same thing herd it called that..was small one it s not a Spanish church. lot of the churchs in my city that were bout gona have become Spanish.. lot os Spanish south American country people have moved here last 20 years..they very religious think catholic?? Me I d rather see less churhcs city loses lot money that is badly needed ..to many non profit places in city ..schools all old falling apart city broke

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