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    Unicorn Eyes
    By Damaya

    My eyes are turning into the thorns of a rose,
    My mind is in isolation from the world filled with hopes and dreams.
    Hopes and dreams that make the minds of others into an abstract painting
    Putting my hands to my eyes I touch my pupils,
    They turn from colors to shades and into a mysterious light of color.
    I touch my eyes and they turn into an awakening unicorn
    sleeping in the midst of the darkness...
    A beautiful white unicorn that takes off from the ground
    and fly's into a pool of sparkling water.
    It's running at full speed, galoping with it's white sparkling mane flowing into the fullness of the wind.
    It starts to fly, flying, and flying again.
    Flying away.
    It then touches the cloudness above and takes form into my pupils.
    My pupils change...
    They fade back to normal.
    My eyes are back to real life.
    Back to the world filled with hopes and dreams.​

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