Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

Discussion in 'New Movies' started by Shale, Jan 24, 2009.

  1. Shale

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    Underworld: Rise of the Lycans
    Movie Blurb by Shale
    January 24, 2009

    What need I say about this movie. If you are the kind of person who enjoyed the first two Underworld movies, then you likely have already seen this one today or will soon see it. If you are not into Underworld, then you likely will be one of the majority of critics who did not care for any of the three movies.

    I liked Underworld when it came out in 2003 with the unique concept of a battle between the immortals, Vampires and Lycans (werewolves). Seems both former monsters are more interested in offing each other than biting the throats (or ripping them out) of mortals.

    I also liked the sequel Evolution in 2006, which due to the success of the first movie (serious critics apparently don't count) gave us some backstory as to why the Lycans and Vampires were having this war, showing a large segment in the Dark Ages where Viktor was battling Lycans and we learned why the Lycan Lucian was his blood enemy.

    In the first two Underworld movies both Viktor (Bill Nighy) and Lucian (Michael Sheen) were murderous villains and the story was about Vampire Death Dealer Selene (Kate Beckinsale) and her hybrid Lycan love interest Michael (Scott Speedman). We also learned that Selene was Viktor's adopted daughter and some dirty family secrets about what happened to his real daughter, Sonja (here played by Rhona Mitra).

    Viktor and his daughter Sonja

    Well, this movie fleshes out that part of the story and takes place in the Dark Ages (The characters Selene and Michael are not in this movie.) when Vampires had enslaved the Lycans and treated them like animals. Uh, I guess they are animals some of the time, but while in human form they were prevented from becoming werewolves and made to work for the Vampires.

    One of the primitive Lycans in captivity gave birth to a human child and Viktor didn't kill it but raised it as a privileged slave. That was Lucian's beginning - sort of a more evolved werewolf. There is a Romeo and Juliet plot here where two young rebels from warring houses secretly meet and make love. They get caught, bad things happen to both as seen in Evolution and Lucian and Viktor go at each other for the next few hundred years.

    Lucian at War (he gets hairier as a werewolf)

    I liked this movie and the rest of you who will like this movie know who you are. It nicely fills in the story of the other two and when I get it on DVD will place this one first so 1 & 2 will become 2 & 3.
  2. ChrisGriffin

    ChrisGriffin Member

    I thought I made a thread on this but doesn't matter....

    Saw this opening day. I love all three movies but this is easily the best of the three. I hope there are many, many more movies to come.
  3. Dragonvine

    Dragonvine I do Glass

    Ohh I loves underworld :D I've only seen the first two movies the other week after seeing the trailor for the new one, and FELL IN LOVE with every single character!!

    And oohh.. Michael Sheen is just.. MMM xD So is Beckingsdale ;D

    Can't wait to see the new one!!
  4. hotwater

    hotwater Senior Member

    I really enjoyed the first two :cheers2:

    I’ve made room on my schedule to see ROTL (ha, ha,) next tuesday [​IMG]

  5. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    thanks shale for the review..
    not my kind of movie..
  6. ChrisGriffin

    ChrisGriffin Member

    Kudos to anyone planning on seeing the new movie.

    Btw, this is just my opinion but I think that Sheen & Mitra have more chemistry than Speedman and Beckinsale. All four are fantastic actors, but I found the love story between Sonja & Lucian a little better.
  7. footloose

    footloose Member

    I'll be back to this thread after the weekend! Hoping my boyfriend will take me to see it on my birthday this saturday :)
  8. ChrisGriffin

    ChrisGriffin Member

    I hope you enjoy it. :)

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