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Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by unionpacificrailroad, May 27, 2013.

  1. This woman I have been dating for 3 1/2 years always seems to find a way to make me uneasy. We started dating when she was pregnant with her 3rd (none are mine) and seems attached to me. The problem is that it seems she never has dialog about our relationship its always about the kids. I love kids and want some of my own but it feels like she is using me to raise her kids that she can't seem to do. A few times I got a red flag for one reason or another about her but kept dating her. She is my first girlfriend but mabe im to 'clouded' to see the truth. guys and girls what does it seem like to you?
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    You have done the impossible - read a woman's mind LOL !
    Seem's she may only want you for the kids sake & not for a loving relationship with you & is only just maybe using you as a step dad for them instead or only as a friend or as a income earner just to help support her & the kids maybe ?
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    There are lots of nice women out there in theory at least...but there are some stone cold chicks without conscience as well. Those types will take and take until you have nothing left and when your life is ruined over it they will not look back or regret what they've done to you. You need to sort out pretty quickly which type she is. After 3 years you should have much easier communication than you do, I suspect she controls the relationship based on what you are saying. step out of line and she will start messing with your head type of chick. My advice is grab your nuts and say "nuts, let's get the fuck outta here" and go find another chick.
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    If this girl is close to your age and already has had three kids then right there is a big red flag! If she is pushing you into a father role for these three kids that are not yours that is another red flag. No good can come out of this for you or the kids when things fall apart. At your age do you really want to start a family with someone who already has a pile of kids that she expects you to take under your wing? They are her and the fathers responsabilty. As long as you are respectful of them then you are doing all you need to.

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