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  1. FallenFairy

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    I cant beleive that I am eight months pregnant. the weeks just pat you by when your pregnant. It feels like it was just yesterday that I was 4 months pregnant. WOW. Well on to the question. I am debating between cloth and disposable diapers. Which diaper do you find to be more comfortable for your child?????
  2. greenfiddler

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    Congrats!! These last four weeks will be the longest of your life :) As far as diapers go, my husband i bought cloth diapers when we were still pregnant,but we used disposables for the first couple weeks, because we had been given them as gifts, but the chemicals in them gave our son a really bad rash, and so we ended up danating the rest to a food shelf and using cloth diapers from then on, and they work great. We use prefolds and prorap covers which is the cheapest diapers and covers we found, and we don't have leaks or any problems! Cloth diapers are the best!
  3. Maggie Sugar

    Maggie Sugar Senior Member

    Congrats on being so close to your baby being born. I always used cloth with my kids. I had a service, which with our water, and how hard it was, and how difficult it was to get things clean, and our water pressure (virtually nothing at all) was actually cheaper than home washsing.

    I used cloth for all my kids until my 4th developed an allergy to something the service was using to clean or rinse them. She got a rash that just wouldn't go away unless we used noncloth diapers. I was really disappointed when we had to switch to throw away diapers, but I had to do what was best for my baby.

    Anyway, for most of the diaper times I used cloth and loved it. Look into a Service, it really isn't more expensive than doing your own, and they can get them cleaner and rinse them better than you could. Babies like to have their butts in cotton, too.

    The next month should be one of rest and peace for you.

    Think about your baby, think of all the milk you will make, go to some LLL meetings, and read some good books (there was a thread here about good parenting books a few weeks ago) and rest rest rest rest.
  4. Congratualations. Just something I would like to mention though. It is something I would like to try with any children I might have. Have you heard about elimination communication (EC). There is this notion babies need to be in nappies. As I don't have kids personally and under my current circumstances is not likely to happen just yet. But when my circumstances do change (I hope) though and if the other half is willing I will give it a go. Due to my lack of experience I will hand it over to anyone on this board who knows about EC and has tried it themselves. I do know what the benifits of it are. No dirty nappies and be able to skip the potty training stage. I will hand it over to the others to comment.

  5. FallenFairy

    FallenFairy Senior Member

    Thank you all for your input I will look into a diaper service.
    What exactly is elimination communication??????? is it where you dont use diapers at all???
  6. HippyFreek2004

    HippyFreek2004 changed screen name


    Elimination Communication is also known as infant potty training...I googled it and came up with this site...I hope it helps

    Good luck with your baby, hon! *hugs*
  7. drumminmama

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    cloth. all the way. even when I couldn't afford the service (80 percent of the time. Ask everyone for a few months as a gift)
  8. lenamarina

    lenamarina LaLa

    Wow, that's interesting. I think I might try that with Sasha. Thanks for the link, Holly.
  9. Sarah Lee

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    Congrats on your baby. I am due in Feb. I have ben buying cloth AOI's and fitteds on Ebay. Many times you can buy barely used dipes because people give it up easy. I hope to be able to stick with it. Some people recieve nappies as gifts and never use them. Try ebay, you may do well there. Diaperpin.com is another good place to start. Good luck these last weeks....


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