Ukrainian Refugees

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    Has anyone else had thoughts about the Government's solution to this problem ???

    So Boris and Priti Patel (what an inappropriate name that is !!! ) are now suggesting that Ukrainian refugees can be housed in spare rooms of people living here. As an inducement the government are prepared to contribute as much as £350.00 per month (really big of them and goes nowhere near the real cost of housing, feeding and clothing these refugees). Will this bastard government claim this as a success for themselves when, in fact. it is the british people who have re-housed these refugees ???

    In addition, by allowing the british public to house these refugees, doesn't that get the scumbag 'nasty sleaze party' government off the hook in providing proper refugee accomodation as they have done previously ???
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    Most of the refugees all around the world are the hostages of politicians who control governments. Ukrainian refugees are a little luckier than the other refugees like Afghans, Syrian, Yemen, and many other refugees, because, they are European refugees that fled to European countries.
    Most of the Middle East refugees are in the middle of nowhere, and no other countries care about them. There are more than 10 million refugees in Turkey, Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon, as well as Palestine who have lived more than several years in the conservative camps. These people have been forgotten, even God has neglected them.
    Fortunately, Ukrainian refugees have at least the basics of life in the European countries, while the rest of the world's refugees never have the minimum life facilities.

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