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Discussion in 'U.K.' started by Irish Hippy, May 26, 2006.

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  1. Peace-Phoenix

    Peace-Phoenix Senior Member

    You'd be surprised what it's possible to do with a little bit of hard work. Just takes everybody chipping in to get the board active again. Once that's happened new people will join in, and old members will come back. Yes, UK Hippy did take quite a few members. Fair play to them, I hope that site's successful, it's all in keeping with building an online counter culture community. However UK Hippy doesn't have what I think made this place as good as it once was. Less is more I think, and UK Hippy is just too big and nebulous. This place has always had its highs and lows. When it started over 5 years ago, there were only about 6 members and as many threads. It might take some work, but I'm up for trying.

    By the way lithium, did you use to post under a different username?
  2. Zim_Reborn

    Zim_Reborn Member

    i'm still very confused as to how this whole buisness started. there must be a reason for people jumping ship. i get the impression that there have been slanders and unfounded accusations going on.
    this was a very special place but people dont abandon a community for no reason. there must have been somthing that ukhippy offered that HF didnt or somthing about HF that didnt make people feel welcome anymore. If we want to get this place back to the eclectic and colourful community we must address these issues (having not been around for a while i dont know what these issues may be but i do not remember HF ever being down for a whole day)

    If anyone could give me the history of the bad blood i would greatly appreciate it.
  3. skip

    skip Founder Administrator

    Thousands of Spam Ads & PMs do the trick. It's not hard.

    Then make up some story about how the webmaster is a fascist.

    As you can see MANY didn't leave. They know better.

    We didn't have to SPAM and steal people from other forums to succeed.

    We have good management & mods & members. That's what counts.

    I didn't try to get anyone back, because ppl are free to go where they want.

    I didn't post up lies about the other site & the webmasters, despite their underhanded tactics.

    I didn't go into what went down, I just did what had to be done to prevent further abuse of this site.

    And I'm not going to go any further into it than that.

    If you want to come back, fine. If you want go elsewhere, that's fine too.

    But don't come here just to complain.

    First of all we have a user support forum for that.

    Secondly, we don't discuss our bannings, and neither do our members, because then we have to defend them. We ban 5-15 ppl every day, mostly for spam. If we had to defend every ban we make to everyone who questions it, we'd never get any work done here.

    That's the main reason for that policy, and it is enforced.

    The end result is what you see in front of you. Love it or leave it.
  4. lithium

    lithium frogboy

    Some people didn't like the way it was being moderated (forum regulars getting banned, posts deleted etc), so set up another forum in response, and rather thoughtlessly used this one to promote it. There were quite a few posts about that new forum here, which was a bit much. The response from admin was draconian and ott (deleting the forum / sacking longterm moderators / banning even more regulars) which pretty much sealed the fate of this place.

    As you can tell there still seems to be a lot of ill-will and hyperbole on both sides so that's why I don't think this place has much hope of getting back to how it used to be anytime soon. Both sides are partially responsible for that.
  5. skip

    skip Founder Administrator

    Nope, most of the responsibility lies with the UK members who LET it happen. This site is what you make it. We only respond to problems. And there were many going on when I stepped in.

    The UK forum was not my responsibility. You guys shared it. You let it go to shit, that's not my fault. I just had to clean up the mess. Take responsibility.

    If this is the tone you returning members have, then don't bother to post here. If you have nothing positive to say, then this forum is indeed for shit, and it will be treated as such.
  6. dhARmaMiLlO

    dhARmaMiLlO Member

    it's got plenty of hope if people move on.
    threads like these go in circles.
  7. skip

    skip Founder Administrator

    Exactly. That is why we usually close or delete them. It benefits no one.
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