UHHHH Ring Worm!!!

Discussion in 'Health' started by CrAzYStaRR, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. CrAzYStaRR

    CrAzYStaRR Member

    Has anyone ever had this before? I got it from a puppy a few years ago. I got some medicine to clear it up, and it went away. Now from some reson it is back. I have used the stuff you buy in the store, and it helps (burns like hell)for about 2 weeks, but then it always comes back. The stuff is not cheap, and Im tired of messing around with it. I would go to the doctor, but I dont have insurance.

    Can anyone help???????
  2. sugrmag

    sugrmag Uber Nerd

    Garlic. Rub a fresh mashed garlic clove on it. Eat lots of garlic, too. At least, that's what my grandma does.
  3. AutumnAuburn

    AutumnAuburn Senior Member

    Most anti-funguals require that you use them for about six weeks... I would say, if you are only using them for two weeks, then you aren't using them long enough and that would be why it would be coming back... But, that's just my best guess...
  4. Garlic and onions help!
    Check out www.curezone.com
    They have a section on parasites and have a nice list of natural herbal combinations that will make the meds more effective.
  5. Cornball1

    Cornball1 Member

    Bleach works well but you can't use it on your face or in that delicate area below the belt. It works best if you catch it early while its just a small area, if it gets really big you need some other stuff because this is really harsh. Just grab a cotton ball and put some bleach on the ringworm. Let it set until it starts to burn and rinse it off. I have worked at a vet for years and when ever I get it thats what I do. It's worked every time.
  6. CrAzYStaRR

    CrAzYStaRR Member

    What about rubbing alcohol? Would that work?
  7. AutumnAuburn

    AutumnAuburn Senior Member

    Ringworm isn't a parasite... It's a fungus... LOL
  8. Sounds like a parasite to me.
    Anyway, odds are you have parasites(the website claims 50%) anyway, and the best herbals increase circulation which is good for all purposes. hehe.
  9. use tea tree oil, it works great!!
  10. Cornball1

    Cornball1 Member

    I don't know if rubbing alcohol would work. I never tried it. I guess its worth a shot. If it doesn't work you can always try the bleach.

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