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Discussion in 'Women's Issues' started by Applespark, Dec 30, 2004.

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    So I believe I have a bladder infection. The first one I have ever had. My mother in law was jsut telling me a few weeks ago how she had one and I told her I'd never had low and behold here I am with I asked for it or somehting...anyways. I think it's been round for a week now and I called to make an appointment at a clinic nearby since I have no healthcare insurance at the moment they can get me in on monday which is liek days away and this **** is painful yu know....??!! So I'm all messed up right now with that and a head cold to boot...just getting over all the period wows and a flu bug in the I feel so tired. I got everything I need to get me through th enew years hopefully as pain free as possible the cran berry juice, water, cough drops, pain reliever for my uti...etc....but because of my head cold I was wondering if it was ok to take cold meds with the pain meds for my bladder infection? Like take contact at the same time you take urostat? cuz right now my head hurts from my head cold...just not sure what I can do.
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    Warm Tea with honey and brandy will make your head feel better. Not a cure, but symptom relief.
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    Does the cold medicine you are taking have pain meds IN it? Some contain Acetominephen or Ibuprofen. If your cold medicine doesn't contain these drugs, than you can take them as well.

    Which pain meds are you taking for your bladder infection? That can also make a difference, I am assuming it is either Tylenol (acetominiphen) or Ibuprofen. If it is a narcotic, it may also contain aspirin or ibuprofen or acetominaphen.

    Be careful with the Urostat. It shouldn't interact with other meds, but some people get really nauseous while on it, and if you are already sick, that won't help you. I used to want to puke on this stuff.

    The cranberry juice is good. One more tip, DON'T have sex during a UTI, it irritates the urethra and bladder and will only make you worse. I doubt you feel like it anyway. And no alcohol with a UTI, again it irritates your tissues and can interact with the medications as well, some antibiotics (which you will get from the doctor if you do have a UTI) can be rendered less effective while you have alcohol in your system. It is best to avoid it. I found Codeine or Vicodin to be the best for the pain, followed by Ibuprofen.

    If it gets bad, can you go to the ER? They can treat you right away.

    I hope you feel better, Apple.
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    One thing which can help with the blader infection is drinking LOTS of water. It helps clear the system a bit. Lay off acidic drinks like Apple juice because it will be even more painfull to drink.

    Much power to you my sweet
    Fleassy xox

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