Discussion in 'Art' started by dasBenzin, Jan 9, 2005.

  1. dasBenzin

    dasBenzin Member

    I just wanted to say how much I hate Modern art. It is a load of trash created by uncreative, untalented people for stupid, uneducated morons.
    Instead of trying to make art when you are not good at it, you should find something you are good at and excel at it.
    Sorry, just had to get that off my chest.
  2. nest

    nest Member

    art is a emotion to be expressed. its easy to tell those who express this and those who dont, thats my answer to your question...
  3. ArtLoveMusic

    ArtLoveMusic Senior Member

    Art is part of the self... im not an amazing chef... should i stop feeding myself?

    Art is something which is created for youself, does it matter what anyone else thinks.
    And a lot of "modern art" (with i think is you refering to post modern art and conceptual art) is conceptual. Its about the thought process that went behind the making of a piece.
    "Fountain" by Duchamp the onlooker its a urinal turned on its side... at the time its was a revolution in art. It was shocking and wrong... not because it was a urinal but because it wasnt "art" Duchamp and the whole of the Dadaist movement were pushing the bounderies of what art is. If i look at a flower and say "that to me is art... that is natures art" ..then to me that IS art. so what if no one else agrees.
  4. dasBenzin

    dasBenzin Member

    That would say that putting dog shit on a plate is pushing the boundries of cooking. If it's not food you can't eat it. You can eat dog shit if you want to, but you shouldn't offer it to other people.
    I didn't ask a question.
    Art can be art to anybody, but it dosen't belong in a museum if it's not any good.
  5. ArtLoveMusic

    ArtLoveMusic Senior Member

    You didnt ask a question but this is a disscussion forum....where we DISSCUSS!!
  6. nest

    nest Member

    draw me a picture that i love.....

    if i dont love it you suck at art?

    get your head straight man.
  7. what do you mean by saying MODER ART?


    ..i do share your point of view,
    becouse art is mainly a gift (from wathever source it may comes from!)
    but could be aslo knowledge( u could learn it and fullfilled it by practising a lot too,even though i am not that sure about so...)
    I firmly,believe that it's a source and visual (depending which sector of the ARTS we r talking about do!There isn't only the visual aspect of art..) BUT IT IS AN
    energy from within
    - HEART
    - MIND
    - SEX

    disappointment and belief

    Some people has carried tha along this extremely unxplicable powerful
    magical gift with their own existence,themselves..

    ciao ciao/
  8. dasBenzin

    dasBenzin Member

    I hate Picasso! LOL. Perhaps I am old-fashioned. I come from the school of thought that art is a trained, practiced thing that people have to go to school for. To me, art must take shape from recognized bases. I like Realism. To each his own. :)
  9. pawnshopgirl

    pawnshopgirl Member

    i went to school for art. i practice art. i am trained in art theories and techniques. i can achieve realism with several mediums, however i do not choose to. so does this mean what i make is not art? :)
  10. dasBenzin

    dasBenzin Member

    I don't think that what I said is being understood. I don't believe that bad "art" belongs in a museum. For example, here in Norfolk where I live there is a section in the Chrysler Museum that contains a giant painting of a big blue line. That's the whole thing, and it takes up an entire wall. I think that it dosen't belong there. I concede that art can be anything someone creates and calls art. I just think that there are many people out there who sell junk for an exorbitant fee and that people who buy it are dupes. Not so much that it is art, but that people are more intrested in who made it, or the concept behind it. It just really annoys me, that's all. I don't belive this debate will ever have an end. You tell me.

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