U.S. 'Space Force' Announced

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Joshua Tree, Aug 13, 2018.

  1. Joshua Tree

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    "We must have American dominance in Space."

    This sounds so much like imperialism it isn't true. America isn't satisfied just with Earth, it wants Space as well. How about co-operating with other countries, rather than trying to dominate them?

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    Growth of an Empire? .... where are the Jedi when you need them?
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    she makes a good looking chewbacca
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  6. Eric!

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    Anyone remember this:

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  7. Debt has kind of plateaued under Trump
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    Ham Salad, Augie Ben Doggie, Arty Deco, Fluke Starfucker, a true classic!
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  9. GeorgeJetStoned

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    Seems like the US would have started colonizing long ago if that was part of the nation's ambition. Especially when nuclear weapons came to be. IF the US was the imperial nightmare as suggested, it's unlikely they would have let the nuclear genie out of the bottle and instead used it to ransom the planet.

    Oddly, evil old racist America didn't do any of that. So why would they suddenly start doing it now? And why space when there are so many excellent countries to subjugate already on earth? It's just so puzzling.
  10. NotMyRealName

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    The U.S. has done pretty much nothing to defend their satellites in space. They only have the ability to move them into other positions in some circumstances.

    Both the Chinese and Russians have spent a ton on satellites that can defend themselves from attacks, collisions or blockades. Further they are making satellites that can attack. And projectiles launched from the ground to hit a target in space.

    Doesn't sound like much until they decide to take out our communications satellites or our GPS constellation or our weather satellites.

    Then everyone will be bitching we should have been better prepared. 10 years ago this was a non issue. We dominated and had no threats to contend with. Then we sold or gave the plans to China on how to build spacecraft. Now China is out spending us on space. And Russia has been effin us over on ferrying our American space travellers to and from the ISS.

    We are funding their development. Like dumb asses.
  11. Tyrsonswood

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  12. neonspectraltoast

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    I bet all of space force's work will be done here on Earth on the ground.
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  13. GeorgeJetStoned

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    It's not as grim as you may think. Don't forget all of those "Secret Military" shuttle missions. Also, there was supposedly a design change that would allow the shuttle to serve as a Mach 8 bomber. It would be landing in Florida before the payloads hit the targets. And even the Iridium satellite system has redundant systems and flying spares in case one of the 70 or so satellites fails. Another thing, oddly enough is rail gun technology. When deployed at the edge of the thermosphere, they can hit satellites up to 800 miles high with extreme accuracy. There have been rumors that a small fleet of coil guns is circling the planet ready to fill some unlucky bus-sized satellite with several tons of kinetic force.

    There was a bar in Titusville where engineers for space supplier companies (Raytheon, Fairchild, General Dynamics etc.) used to get drunk and spill all kinds of weird tales about what was being lofted at the cape. Some of it HAD to be bullshit. It just had to be. I worked on a casino boat out of Port Canaveral and got to know all kinds of space center people. Anyway, I have great faith in American space technology. After all, who took cars (plural) to the moon? We've come so far since then. Unfortunately all of it at low earth orbit.

    As for Trump and Pence's vision, I only see a new profit center being started up. If profit is actually a term that can be applied. It looks like a way to solve extreme IT issues with the convenience of a military budget. If you liked $400 Hammers and $6000 toilet seats, you're going to just LOVE their thumb drive and wireless headphone costs.
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  15. Deidre

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    Dominating outer space. :tearsofjoy: As if...
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  16. McFuddy

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    Vee own zis vorld and space!
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  17. I'minmyunderwear

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    this was just announced? it must be hipforums' fault then; ya'll have been posting space force memes for months. that's probably where he got the idea.
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  18. Irminsul

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    Space weapons to me only signifies one golden truth. We are not alone, and the government knows it.
  19. hotwater

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    Which is why the new Secretary of Space Force must be Giorgio Tsoukalos.

    He knows how to deal with those evil Aliens bent on the utter destruction of mankind

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  20. NotMyRealName

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    I was a program manager for the shuttle program in Fla. Before that I was PM in secure communications. Which was mostly sattelite. Right now this Space Force is 90% very highly paid civillians. So that money ship has sailed. We spend a small fraction of what China and Russia does to build a space defense system.

    They are quietly and steadfastly figuring out technologies we put on hold.

    You might want to check out the progress China has made in railguns. They carried on where we stopped. Mostly due to lack of funding on our part. Now we will be in catch up mode.

    Yes we have some pet projects that have been launched and tested. But trivial in comparison to what is needed.

    Essentially the Space Defense branch will be a spin off from the Air Force. Much like the AF was a spin off from the Army Air Corp after WW II.

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