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Discussion in 'America Attacks!' started by royedward, May 11, 2017.

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    For recent instances we have the recent events in Iraq and Afghanistan where US troops cut of the body parts of Muslim fighters so they could have souvenirs.
  2. Collateral damage is unfortunate, but Hiroshima was a major military center filled with tens of thousands of soldiers, and it held a major military headquarters as well. Nagasaki was an industrial center with large weapons factories.
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    Atomic bombs... no question about it.
  4. themnax

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    trail of tears
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    Confining the thread topic to American attacks seem a bit lopsided in a world where Stalin wiped out 20 million people, Communist China eradicated 40 million, Pol Pot 1.5-3 million. Is there a pattern here?
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    The shock and awe attack in Iraq, because it's led to the current wars that never seem to end.
  7. Shock and Awe never happened. Talk about it was propaganda that was designed to trick Saddam into preparing his defenses for a different sort of attack than the one that we really made. Although it is certainly true that we did attack Iraq in 2003.

    But I thought our war in Iraq was pretty much over?
  8. Monkey Boy

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    It morphed and spread. That's why we still have troop fighting there. Mosal and Syria for example.
  9. roccobkln

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    Pearl Harbor or 9/11
  10. themnax

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    trail of tears, wounded knee, fort yamhill, ...
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    Nuclear weapons testing, Nevada.
  12. Yaft E Abraha

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  13. Yaft E Abraha

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    You don't have to but it would help. Check it out! Thanks
  14. Scarecrow13

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    I agree with Atomic bombs. Justify it how you like but you know if our enemies had done the same they would be (rightly) charged with war crimes.
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    I took time to visit Pine Ridge, because I know some people there and in White Clay. I've been to Rosebud, Southern Cheyenne, Coleville, Blackfoot, Crow, Chemehuevi, Assiniboine, Fort Hall, Moapa, Comanche, Apache, Lipan, Miami, Hoopa, Chippewa, and a bunch of other reservations. I've said my prayers at Chief Joseph's grave, Chief Little Turtle's Grave, Arikaree/Beecher Island, Sand Creek, Wounded Knee, and Gnadenhutten. I've been to many Pow Wow events. I read the Native newspapers. There is a famous book still available … even used. The title is Irredeemable America. Everyone should read it.
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  16. Estimates put the death toll of the firebombing of Tokyo as high as 900,000. The bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki had a combined death toll of around 70,000 (at least initially...we know that radiation continued to poison people for generations). It's interesting that people always say the droppings of the atomic bombs on cities was the worst thing ever, when both sides literally pummeled cities into rumble throughout the entire war. I'm not saying it was ok or anything but we had primitive technology and it's just how wars were fought back then. So I would say the carpet bombing technique in general and not any specific bombing mission.

    That being said, if our government knew that the radiation would ruin that environment for years to come and said "i can live with that" then that might single out the atomic bombs. Idk war in general is just nasty. Would be great if we could just...not do it
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    If the Americans didn't get involved in WW2 then the Nazi's would've controlled the nukes. Now, you could argue that could be a positive thing as without the Americans contributions to WW2 then the Russians would've been defeated, then the Americans wouldn't have stood a chance and then the entire world would be free to invade North America, that or Germany would've nuked them sooner or later.

    Nukes are evil, hands down 100%. But some organisation needs to keep them in check. Just think if the Russians had controlled them instead of the USA? no brainer whatsoever to anyone born in a democratic society.

    Keep in centralist, people. Try avoiding being left or right wing.
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    Nuke the whales.... You don't really believe that do you?

    Iunno... Gotta nuke sumthin

    classic Nelson line. :tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy:
  19. Was that when ancient humans went from being hunter gatherers to farmers? I seem to recall something in a documentary in high school that said once we embraced agriculture and traded a nomadic lifestyle for cities and towns that that was when warfare begins
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    im trying 2 defet chump

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