U.K. Covid-19: March 2021

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    1. Just like the Flu (and its variants) I think this is here for the long haul, with a number of people having had, have and will have "the Covid", - and to varying degrees of suffering
    2. This is so true, and whilst it is important to direct funds to this Pandemic, we should not be singularly focused on just this disease, there are plenty of other killers out there - sadly, funding is scarce
    *This being said, it does show that the Nation's resources can be mobilised to such (on the whole succcessful) a degree in order to enable positive progression
    3. Without wishing to sound flippant -"I honestly don't think they know what they are doing" - This is unprecedented in the modern world and balancing of the books:- Provision of financial stability v Provision of 'a Nations care' would be a tax of anyone's strategic planning
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    Death is such an unsavoury subject that no one wants to seriously discuss it.
    As a result, people publishing the ridiculous death rates about 11 months ago had good intentions, but not a clue what they were talking about.

    The scare was caused by no one pointing out that 95% of ALL people who die contract a virus during their final 72 hours. The only way to avoid this is to die in a horrific accident.
    With this in mind, only when the UK mortality rate exceeded 1,500 per day was their a serious problem. This point was never reached over a 4 week average period.

    Since no one ACTUALLY dies from covid, but from the pathogenic bacterial affects that follow, posting it as causing zero deaths is as accurate as blaming it for all of them.
    With lack of medical knowledge, the media were just making it up as they went along. In come cases they were ADDING covid deaths to the total mortality and almost doubling it completely falsely.
    As you may have noticed, these misleading figures have not been published during the so called second wave.

    As you pointed out, all the difficulty in triaging the suffers of covid to ICU, caused thousands of delays both in the diagnosis and treatments of cancers.
    At the end of the day, these people will end up as the TRUE victims of covid.

    The whole situation is such a mess, which makes me very sad.

    PS, did you notice my other replies on your thread yesterday.? Although they may have been light hearted, they were still serious.
    I am also starting to believe that 19 was not the first mutation of coronavirus to the human race. While both of the recently discovered mutations were assumed to follow 19, an increasing number of doctors are questioning whether the preceded it. I believe that the nasty 2017 outbreak of the mystery virus in the UK could well be an example.

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