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    Recently there's been a lot of talk on this board about getting over the embarrassment of walking around barefoot in public. I was thinking about this today, and realized from past experience that most people don't really seem to noticed or care if you're barefoot or not. Also, if people notice, most of them won't say anything to you about it. I can't remember the last time I saw a barefooter being asked about being barefoot. Most peoples' instincts are just to ignore it.

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    While it's rare here (Netherlands) to be denied access anywhere, comments are definitely not rare. Yes, most people ignore it but when you go out shopping or something often I'll meet so many people that there'll be at least some person saying something... Only rarely do I get no comment at all when I venture further than the local grocery store. Now I personally don't care, even enjoy it when people notice, but it can be annoying for those who are embarrased, or when in the company of those who are (of course, I had to be with my mom when we met a guy who was obviously somewhat mental and was less prohibited in his questions... and in his volume... asked me several questions at the train station at a volume most people would've needed a bullhorn for... wouldn't have bothered me at any other time, I thought he was kinda nice and he was just interested, wasn't negative in any way... yet my mom really hated being in the public eye like that...)

    During the work season I get loads more questions since I'm working at a history theme park and people are supposed to ask us questions about everything we do and wear and the houses we live in and so on... sometimes, especially on cold days, it gets a bit old to have everyone ask after my feet.
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    Besides the usual number of comments and stupid reponses that most of us have gotten, I either get quite a lot of stares and people commenting to themselves or people they are with (but never to me) or I get people that tell me that's a great idea and step out of their shoes right there. Also I often get people that will stare at me, not say anything, but then slip off their shoes and go barefoot, then stare at me more. One hilarious example was at Six Flags Magic Mountain, where I walk into the park in flip flops and take them off by the time I hit the first ride (in this case, "X"). I was waiting for the next car in bare feet (the only one out of my group - I never wear shoes at this theme park). I noticed a girl waiting to go, strapped into one of the cars, staring at me (cute girl too). She saw my feet, took off her tennis shoes and socks as the ride begun and rode the ride again barefoot. I'm glad to inspire such behavior!
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    Warm weather this past week encouraged lots of outdoor activity. While I was BF hiking a woman said to me "now what are you doing with no shoes on?" I told her I was having lots of fun probably more fun than her. She seemed to agree but didn't join me. Packed snow and melting ice must have been outside her comfort zone. With temps in the upper 50s F I had a blast.
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    It's great that you guys can do that. I would, too, if I wasn't so concerned with getting tiny cuts and those getting infected, for example.
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    I went out today shopping at Target and Old Navy. It's been raining all day today, and yesterday too.

    When I was in Target, no one said anything, but I definitely caught a long hard stare from the woman who was ahead of me on line. I was standing there, sensing her glare, and in my mind I said was saying over and over, "Go on, SAY something. SAY something!" I was expecting it, so I was going to make the most of it. I half expected her to turn to the cashier and make a stink like, "Did you know that this man has no SHOES on?! He can't be in here with not SHOES on!!" I was going to be all over her with the "Who do you think you are? Didn't your parents ever teach you to mind your own business, you prying hag!" but she didn't say a word. :p

    So off to Old Navy, where I directly approached a young girl for help locating what I had come to buy. She didn't say a word about my bare feet. When I went to the register, I made a compliment about the rawhide leather necklace that the guy cashier had on (it was a cool design), and found out that he bought it rather than made it himself. At one point, he asked, "Did you lose your shoes?" I simply said, "Nah, I just don't bother with them. Besides, look at it outside. (I gestured out the wide windows at the rain coming down in the parking lot.) Perfect conditions to not wear them. These are the most waterproof ones I have."

    No further discussion, and no objection or issue. :)


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