Two Quesions For WOMEN About Circumcision (PLEASE ANSWER)

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by lace_and_feet, May 23, 2004.

  1. lace_and_feet

    lace_and_feet Super Member

    1) I'd be curious. Can't say if I'd be turned on or off though, since I have not yet experienced an uncircumsized man.

    2) If I have a son one day, I doubt I will have him circumsized.
  2. torz

    torz Member

    do you guys in america not have many men that are uncircumcised?

    here in britain its not normal practice to circumcise babys unless of medical problems or religion (or at parents disgression which dont happern very often).

    most men i've been with arent circumcised, my bf is circumcised because of a common medical problem when a baby. it makes no difference in sex although thats something i cant comment on from a blokes point of view. although i can tell you that a man that is uncircumcised finds the feeling of cumming a little more intense (not that much) & cannot have sex after cumming for about 10-30 mins as it feels too painfull to touch, where as my bf can have sex 2-5 mins after ejeculation.
    the only thing i didnt like about men that were uncircumcised was,

    1, blowjobs, i was nervous about giving them because i didnt want to get the forskin stuck in my teeth (which i did a cupple of times to a previous bf). that really hurts, well it hurt him anyways.

    2, having a forskin harbours germs, as its warm & moist under the forskin a perfect breading ground for germs, it is especially easy for boys to get infections down there because little boys being boys they play in dirt & get dirty & touch there penis geting dirt & germs down there.

    if i have children with my current bf (which is a posibility within the next few years) then yes if its a boy i will have him circumcised but only because his dad will be. i dont want him to be different to his dad. i dont want him to be going toilet with his dad & asking why his tail is different to his dads.
  3. daisymae

    daisymae Senior Member

    Having a foresking does not harbour germs any more than having labia. It is a natural protection.


    1. I have had 2 partners that were not cut. No big deal to me.

    2. I have 2 sons who are not cut, and my hubby is. The kids don't ever say "why am I different from daddy?" because they know why, and don't care. That is not a reason to have unnecessary surgery.
  4. torz

    torz Member

    i dont see it as unecessary surgery at all, infact its not surgery as its just wipe, cut & stitch.

    there is a higher risk (its not that much higher but still a risk men should know, it is one thing talked about in sex ed lessons here), of men who havent been circumsised getting an infection (i dont mean an STI, i mean an inflamatry infection) caused by the build up of bacteria, i know many men who have had this problem, they then made their own choice to be circumcised. this is why some religions (jewish etc) see people that have forskins as 'dirty', this is explained in the bible when jesus eats, drinks & socialises with uncircumcised non jewish men.

    the only reason i say that if i have boys then i will get them circumcised is because my brother-in-law is circumcised (medical problem aswell) & when my sister had her boys she didnt get them circumcised. it caused problems when it came to potty training. both my nephews wouldnt use the potty, they went straight on the toilet because daddy did & they wanted to be big like daddy. so my b-i-l took them to the toilet & they started asking questions about his man hood. my sister & husband sat down & explained why they had an extra bit of skin. but they didnt like it, they wouldnt go to the toilet with there dad & went back on to nappys for another two years, with my sister trying to potty train them without sucess. they are now both 14 & just been circumcised, their own choice off their own back with parental concent. i dont want to go through all that fuss if i have boys, my bf would like them to be circumcised too, we both agree so the disision has been made.
  5. torz

    torz Member

    for a start off.....i'm not saying i'm going to have my kids forskin cut off because i want him to look like his dad. i am saying i'm doing it to prevent problems later in life. i am not saying that men with forskins are dirty, if i had then i wouldnt have slept with the few men that wernt circumcised. but it is a fact that men who have forskins are more prone to infection (some men may never get an infection down there), its only the same as women & thrush. if it wasnt a risk then why do they teach you about it in school!

    also, men who havent been circumcised can for a problem called phimosis which can happern any time after pubity at any age. this means that there is a tight opening at the end of the foreskin which isnt big enough to allow the foreskin to glide smoothly back over the glands & expose the penis head. also if the foreskin is tight and it gets pulled back over the head of the penis it wont retract, this is very dangerous as it can cut off blood supply to the glands.

    lots of men have phimosis its a very common problem which is 1, a natural occurance & 2, long term fungle infection. there are two options open to those men who have a naturally tight foreskin 1, circumcision, 2, streatching of the foreskin over time which can be very painfull, cause more infections and alot of the time has to be done over a few years and cant have sex in this time. for men that have the fungle infection, the only option is circumcision.

    maybe you should do alittle research and for you information, i am not american, i am very knoweldgeable & in britain we have the right the right to decide wheather they have there child circumcised.
  6. dharmagrrl

    dharmagrrl Member

    I dont know at what point people started circumcising little boys with such regularity for reasons other than medical or religous ones but I think it's become part of a problem in the US that is reaching epidemic proportions. People are having all types of surgeries without good reason. I think we are being manipulated by the medical industry to hate our bodies more than ever and to seek "help" through surgical intervention. Whether it's circumcision, gastric bypass, or whatever new thing is coming around the bend, the basic idea is that what nature gave you isn't good enough and modern medicine can "fix" you. It's sad and so hard not to get caught up in it. Personally I used to think that men who weren't circumcised were subject to all kind of infections but when I did some actual research I found that most of the things I thought I knew were just common misconceptions. If I had a son I would definitely not have him circumcised and if there was a medical issue I would make sure that all other avenues were exhausted before I subjected an infant to such a painful procedure. Obviously it is up to the parents to weigh the options but my main issue is that I dont know that many people know that they have an option. It has become such a regular thing in this country and often done automatically without the expressed consent of parents.
  7. grim_rebel

    grim_rebel Member


    For one, I am not circumcised. My father is. Did I or do I give a fuck? No. Secondly, if a man who was circumcised decided not to pull back their foreskin for the duration of their life, yes, they would probably find something not to their liking down there. Hence, the ABILITY to pull the foreskin back not only for sex. I wash my cock twice a day, WITH THE FORESKIN PULLED BACK. I admit, at first it hurt to pull the foreskin back during sex but i realized that the slight pain made sex last longer. Furthermore, I belive that not being circumcised gives men more pleasure, as it seems obvious to me that if i walked around with my foreskin pulled back, i would be very... umm.. uncomfortable, it really is that sensitive and that's why there is a foreskin.

    And not to attack you personally, but i believe hippies to be very nature-oriented, i'm not even saying you're a hippie - hell, i'm not. I'm very liberal and i love nature, but i'm not a hippie per se. I guess my point is, do not alter your child unless it is really needed, keep it natural! Look at female circumcisions, how 'bout that bizzat? :eek: Kind of different when it's one of you eh? I'd like to see one of those poor uncircumcised African girls trying to persuade you to circumcise your daughters.

    Keep. It. Natural. It. Is. There. For. A. Reason.

    Ever heard of evolution? :rolleyes:

    Oh well, if you take this negatively i'm sorry. I just find the whole circumcision aspect pretty annoying. Though i do know how bad boys/men who are circumcised have it in the states... shitty deal.
  8. akhc

    akhc Member

    hmm.. sorry but there's so much misinformation in your post. for the record men with foreskins are not prone to more infections.. never been proven and never will be.. the size of study needed to prove that would be too big. what has been proven is that men with foreskin's are slightly more at risk of penile carcinoma.. the hypothesis for the cause has been increased infection but as I said before not proven.

    lots of men do NOT have phimosis.. it is relatively uncommon.. in fact in 1 year of doing urology and countless circumcisions I can only remember a handful (less than 5) circumcisions I've done where the reason was phimosis.. there were a lot more done for other reasons.
  9. I never understood why all the concern that a lad should look like his father. If his daddy was injured in a horrible accident...well you get the idea. It's perfectly fine for dad to be circumcised and son intact.

    If God or Nature had intended foreskins not to be there, there wouldn't be any. That skin serves important functions, and it should be left alone, perfect and beautiful as little babies are!
  10. parnell

    parnell Member

    Hmmmm foreskins - such a wonderful evolution in nature that they are present in EVERY single species of mammal. That's right - more succesful than the nose , eyebrow etc. - it's mutilation plain and simple.

    On phimosis - mostly caused by germophobic Mums pulling back the foreskin to clean the glans - NEWSFLASH - the glans is ATTACHED to the glans until well into puberty - pulling it back will CAUSE inflamation.

    Far higher rate of UTIs in women than men (common reason given for female circ.).

    Educate and learn.
  11. waltzlaine

    waltzlaine Member

    To answer the original question, I do personally prefer the looks of a circumcized penis to an uncircumcised. That said, I've never been bothered and really find the difference to be pretty insignificant. My only requirement for aesthetics is that it looks normal, and cut is normal. It just also happens that, in the US, uncut is also normal. So fine.

    Probably I wouldn't have my son(s) circumcised. The problems seem to outweigh the benefits. But I'm also not interested in judging those who do have it done, because it seems to be a relatively harmless (albeit unnecessary) custom--like ear piercing, only more extreme.
  12. Alomiakoda

    Alomiakoda Boniface McSporran

    I don't even *know* anyone who's circumsised...let alone had sex with them...

    Really weird isn't it...American people don't know anyone not circumsised...but Brits don't know anyone who is :S
  14. torz

    torz Member

    ok, before I start I think you better read through the whole of this web site and then appolgise for saying that I’l be a stupid, shitty parent that will bring bastards into the world. I may have been snoty but you were just dam right nasty which I am not going to take from anyone, and how can I be a bad parent when I’m not yet one. I’m 20y/o and don’t want kids for atleast another 6-10 years in which time my opinions on the matter could change.

    Ok, I’ll make the deal, you get circumcised & I will get my clit hood cut off, the pain cant be any worse that what it was when I had it pierced, twice! I saw my nephew get circumcised 5 months ago & that’s all they did, wipe, cut & stictch, when babys are circumcised they don’t stitch, they just cut and its over & done with in 2 minuits but with older males men imparticular, they have to stitch.

    you never had a girl give you head? Shame! Yeah, I got my ex’s foreskin stuck in the slight gap between my teeth while giving him a BJ, just be thankfull you’ve never experienced it, he howled with pain. Oh, and I also got the frenulum stuck in my teeth and blokes who are circumcised don’t have this.

    And what age would that be that I’m describing? I never actually mentioned an age, also
    Please tell that to my best friend, her youngest is always getting infections down there. Doctors says he has to stop playing with his penis because the germs from his hands are causing the infection.

    Whats this about been circumcised cuting down on pleasure for both partys? I don’t know where you got that from. First of all how do you know, you cant tell me that just because my bf is circumcised he enjoys sex less than a bloke that isnt circumcised, you cant get in his head & feel the pleasure he is experiencing, just like he cant you. that argument is a stupid argument, its like me telling my friend that having her nipple pierced is a horendous pain. It could well be a horrendus pain but the truth is everybody has a different pain threshold so what might be very painful for me may be very mild pain for her. also, who says that circumcised men cuts down on pleasure for women? I can honestly say that the sex is better with men who are circumcised, the magority of men in this country arnt circumcised and I’ve had sex with a few men that have foreskins and I’ve had sex with a few that don’t and I’m telling you that the sex was better with men that were circumcised. One reason it was better was because unlike you uncircumcised men, he wasn’t ejaculating every 15 minuits

    For a start its our choice to decide what is best for our son(s) in the long term and just because you don’t agree dosnt mean its not the right choice. Everyone is entitled to there own opinion, I do my research & make my own opinion, just because you don’t agree doesn’t give you the right to call me stupid, or say that I will be a stupid & shitty parent that will spawn bastards, infact I think you are very ingnorant for this.

    Before you start saying bollocks and that this is all crap…GO & DO YOUR FUCKING RESEARCH. My sister is a GUM nurse & has to deal with problems of this nature all day long. And I am sorry but my bf was cut because it was medical, his parents havent lied to him. It wasn’t phimosis, infact his forskin didn’t have a hole, he couldn’t pee so his parents made the choice.

    & how do you know that this person is a good parent just from one opinion. Don’t tell me I’m not a good parent, I have the right to decide just as I have the right to decide weather I immunise my child, bring the child up as religious. Infants cant make these choices themselves, so the parents have a right & duty to make on behalf of their child, those choices which he cant make himself. It is up to me to decide based on what I see as benefit & risk and you have no right to tell me that I am right or wrong & call me a good or bad parent just as I have no right to call you a bad parent for not circumcising your child. Parents make many far-reaching choices about there child everyday, some which may be more life changing than this, so why cant I make this choice for him.

    and lastly before you go saying than nothing is proven, check this out.....

    Male circumcision protects against HIV infection
    Uncircumcised men are at a much greater risk of becoming infected with HIV than circumcised men, according to new evidence in published in the British Medical Journal in June 2000.
    Using information from over 40 previous studies, researchers in Australia suggest that the virus targets specific cells found on the inner surface of the foreskin. These cells possess HIV receptors, making this area particularly susceptible to infection. The researchers propose that male circumcision provides significant protection against HIV infection by removing most of the receptors.
    The most dramatic evidence of this protective effect comes from a new study of couples in Uganda, where each woman was HIV positive and her male partner was not. Over a period of 30 months, no new infections occurred among 50 circumcised men, whereas 40 of 137 uncircumcised men became infected - even though all couples were given advice about preventing infection and free condoms were available to them.
    Although cultural and religious attitudes towards male circumcision are deeply divided, the authors conclude that, in the light of the evidence, male circumcision should be seriously considered as an additional means of preventing HIV in countries with a high level of infection. Alternatively, say the authors, the development of 'chemical condoms' ' products which can block HIV receptors in the penis and the vagina ' might provide a more acceptable form of HIV prevention in the future.

  15. FunkyPhreshMama

    FunkyPhreshMama Visitor

    i don't think it wold bother me, and I didn't have my son done. i see no need for it, and I did lots of research and his doctor said it really isnt a big deal not to have it done. if he wants to have part of his pee pee cut off later in life that is up to him...........
  16. parnell

    parnell Member

    torz - that medical "study" you quote has been discredited time and again - from the website you quote - "Circumcision is not an effective method for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases or exposure to HIV-AIDS or the human papilloma viruses (HPV) implicated in penile and cervical cancer. Only condoms are an effective method of preventing exposure to infectious pathogens during sexual intercourse. However, with the reduction in the sensitivity of the penis which is inevitably caused by circumcision, and in the false belief that they are less at risk of sexually transmitted infections, circumcised men are less likely to remain satisfied with safer sex practices.

    Furthermore there is a famous letter from the head of the American Cancer society debunking the myth that circumcision has any effect on cancer rates- here's the letter:

    As to your argument about "rights" - it is the same as that used by those who wish to cut pieces off female chidrens' genitals in Africa.

    Circ was originally introduced to Western countries to prevent masturbation - hence Holden's pleasure argument.

    I'm not dissing you although I do find your viewpoint offensive - have you ever watched a video of a circ ? It compares pretty badly to a clit piercing I can promise u. That's why they strap the poor sucker down. Plenty of kids killed through botched circs as well - can u cite a single death from a botched clit piercing ?
  17. Sometimes when they botch the circumcision, they remove the entire penis and try to raise the child as a girl, with hormone treatments and such.

    Just let it be.
  18. ahimsa

    ahimsa Senior Member

    I think circumcision is an atiquated, cruel, backward practice.

    I'm not circumcised, and I'm glad my mum stood up for me. I would never let my son be circumcised. I'm adament about that.

    Anyway, as far as it being unclean, I usually tell people, "Your teeth would smell bad if you didn't brush them, but I don't see anyone cutting off their lips."

    Its the same thing.

    If someone turns 18 and still wants to be circumcised, then I'd say that's their perogative, but don't make the decision for them. The fact that most men not circumcised at birth don't get cut later on in life suggest that there aren't any problems from not being circumcised.

  19. theusualone17

    theusualone17 Member

    The one of the main reason why people does (apart from religion reasons) is because when a person that has a tight foreskin and has sex will get a big amount of pain so its safer to do so, its an option thought as there are creams which stretches the skin.
    The reason why it happens is because when you are small, ur penis grow but in some case the penis does but the foreskin doesnt so it becomes tight if you know what i mean.
    There was someone here that was saying about wanting their children bein circumcised...well, thats kinda stupid and you need to be more educated about this matter because its a serious matter, i know that because i have tight foreskin and ill be circumcised in about 2 weeks.
  20. parnell

    parnell Member

    Dude , there is absolutely no need to be circ'd - NONE - if you are truly suffering from phimosis and not inflammation from an easily treated infection then for goodness sake do not go and have some perfectly healthy tissue removed. For one thing there is a study which suggests higher rates of IMPOTENCE among circ'd men - this shouldnt come as any surprise since the foreskin is full of nerve endings.
    Get your ass on some topical steroidal creams - they'll grow the foreskin in a perfectly healthy way so that it'll slip over your glans and keep that area as sensitive as it's meant to be. The foreskin has a very important purpose - don't forget that.

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