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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by AmniaAstronomica, Sep 5, 2013.

  1. In 2 dreams I have turned into a furious, wild animal with long claws.
    It feels like an "evil" animal; when I am this creature It actually feels as if I´m on a hunt.

    Both times, I felt how I really consciously turned myself into this creature, and it even felt familiar. I can't remember in what state I was the first time I dreamt this, but this time I´m pretty depressed and suffer from a lot of anxiety.

    Could this be my spirit animal? Even though the animal I turn into feels evil; I still feel incredibly strong when I´m it. I felt as if was invincible and could do anything.

    Any thought on what this could mean, and have you had similar experiences?
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    to hunt is not evil if it is natural for you in this form.
    i can assure there are many wonderful people who wish they could dream precisely that, or do so more often then they do.

    depending on specific tradition of specific cultures, spirit animals are more often teachers and guides.

    it is possible in your dreams as the animal, you haven't named or described, and i'm not asking you to do so, that is one way to quest and possibly meet your spirit guides in their species form. i'm not familiar with the concept of becoming your spirit guide. it seems unlikely and i would be cautious of it.

    this sounds more like p-shifting, a form of lycantrhopy. but i again, i would set aside familiar assumptions about what is and is not evil. only causing needless suffering and harm is evil. if your dream form eats what it kills and kills only what it eats, and that is not of its own species, that is not an evil thing.

    the danger is by thinking of it as evil, and being gratified by this experience, to come to see evil as gratification. evil is not killing you natural prey. evil is when you kill or mame solely for the sake of doing so.

    in my own dreams, my own form usually plays no role. i have met people in my dreams who were not human. i have had dreams in which i had no form at all. i have had dreams in which i was a slab of stone, that could fly psionically.

    i have not had any i can recall, of the form you describe.

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