Turned on my wife cheated

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by Am246*, Dec 13, 2021.

  1. rick181au

    rick181au Guest

    I had to work bloody hard to get my wife to cheat on me, from when we joined the nudist club and met and talked to swingers to her actually cheating for the first time was about 2 years, we were 35 at the time, that opened the door to 35 + years of playing with others for us, we were 73 when we had our last threesome with a 53 year old guy 7 years ago.
    Life has been good to us, married 59 years the 9th of Feb this year.
  2. NubbinsUp

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    I read the thread, and didn't see these two important points here, so I'll offer them. First, her cheating is now part of your permanent spank bank - masturbate to the thought of her getting drilled by another guy. She's given you a wonderful gift. Second, while you're having sex with her, think about it. Let your mind go to what she's already told you about it - let thinking about it enhance your experience while you're having sex with her.

    So you can't bring it up, and she may have already told you everything she's ever going to tell you about it. That's life - she's identified it as a hard limit for her, and we all get to have hard limits. Respect it, and don't bring it up, no matter how much it arouses you. It has the opposite effect on her, so let the subject drop, and just let your mind go there.

    My situation is different from yours in one way. We split up and never got back together. It wasn't until she left me that she told me she cheated. Like you, what she told me aroused me, but I never brought it up again. I couldn't. It was part of her 'goodbye' speech to me. Nevertheless, I've been aroused ever since, every time I think about what she said about the sex with other men and why she was doing it. I just don't get to ask her about it, so I'll just continue to enjoy what I have. Enjoy what you have.
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  3. TrudginAcrossTheTundra

    TrudginAcrossTheTundra Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Wow, congratulations! May enjoyment continue to be with you.

    PS: it's not cheating if you have your spouse's permission.
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  4. James l Smith

    James l Smith Members

    I have thought of my wife being seduced, she’s very social, I think she would enjoy it
  5. James l Smith

    James l Smith Members

    I think I encourage her to , I use to get jealous but find I like her meeting new men and reconnecting with old friends
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  6. James l Smith

    James l Smith Members

    have taken my wife to our local nudist beach, she wants to go agian
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  7. James l Smith

    James l Smith Members

    Does she know you know
  8. oldguynurse

    oldguynurse Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    I have a problem with this use here of the word "cheating". That word implies sneaky, dishonest bullshit!

    Seems like many of us here seem to be more of the, as one poster put it, "it's not 'cheating' if......permission." sort of mind-set. Good.
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  9. James l Smith

    James l Smith Members

    Don’t ask don’t tell
  10. Gomba

    Gomba Newbie

    As a wife, my husband and I were at a hotel bar one time and there were a lot of guys in there. I was wearing a very short low cut dress. I was getting a lot of attention especially when I went up to the bar for drinks. A couple of men chatted me up and put their hands on my lower back and bum. My husband saw this and and asked if I liked it. I was very surprised he was not upset. Then he asked me if I would like to have sex with other men, I had to admit that I had thought about once in a while. Then he shocked the hell out of me and said that he wouldn't mind sharing me with more than one man at a time if he could watch. I replied if your serious I will try it. I have never seen him so excited. I went to the bar to get another drink and right away guys were around me. I think I am fairly attractive and have a nice figure. I am blonde 5'7" 118 lbs. 38D 22 37. I was wearing stockings and no panties to please my husband. It wasn't long at the bar when I felt hands from two guys under my dress playing with me, and getting me very wet. The bar closes at midnight which it was close to that time. The bartender went to the door and put a closed sign on it and locked it. Fortunately I was the only women there as the guys gathered around me and I looked at my husband and he was smiling and nodded his approval. I was very nervous and just stood there as they took my dress off me, and were playing with me. My husband came close and said if you like my wife take her and fuck her good. Again I was very shocked, but extremely excited and gave into all the advances. Having several men working on me at one time is EXTREMELY exciting and got me so wet. The men were so horny and I was well serviced till 4 in the morning. My husband was so happy and begged me to do it again. We have and now it's a pretty regular thing, and we have no regrets and it has made our marriage very happy and wonderful.
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  11. James l Smith

    James l Smith Members

    I think my wife would enjoy it
  12. rick181au

    rick181au Guest

    Just an example of how much my wife got into M F M threesomes, this is going back to the late 70's 80's BC (before computers) we were placing and replying to ad's in adult swingers magazines,, we had a M O of after making phone contact and exchanging photos by snail mail, if it was all systems go we would arrange to meet the guy at a local hotel, if the guy was suitable after a drink we would bring him home to our place to play.
    This night we were dressed to go and meet a guy, just as we were walking out the door our daughter arrived, it was a surprise visit and she was staying over night, we explained that we were meeting friends for drinks but would be home later that night, the daughter said she tired and was going to bed and she would see us in the morning.
    That left us with the dilemma as to what to do with the guy we were meeting, he was on his way to the hotel which was a distance from his place, we had no way of contacting him (this was before mobile phones) we decided to meet him explain the situation and if we were all OK with going ahead with it arrange another meeting at our place to save time.
    We met him at the hotel, the wife gave me the signal that he was OK to her, he was very keen so we explained the situation to, him he was disappointed but understood the situation, I went for drinks, when I returned he was sitting beside my wife with his arm around her, my wife soon had her hand in his lap and gave me a smile as she handled is growing interest in her, we gave him our address and arranged another date, as we were leaving, I said to the wife why don't you say good night to our new friend while I get the car, when I drove up next to his car they were just about having it off in the car park, the wife asked if I knew of a place we could go, I knew of a new building estate near by and suggested we go there, both agreed so he followed us there they were into it before I could get the seat of our station wagon down.
    Ron became a long time friend and wife's lover for a few years, it goes to show women can be as much into it as us guys are.
    PS A real kink of mine is seeing the expression on the wife's face as she takes a new lovers cock in hand for the first time, her face says it all.
  13. oldguynurse

    oldguynurse Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Working on similar to that since last 3 yrs MrHappy ain't what he used to be. We have a 40 yrs-long friend, now divorced and living 100 mi away. She recently re-discoverd sucking so I've been strongly hinting at the idea of having him make a daytrip. So far, hesitant, but, "We'll see."
  14. oldguynurse

    oldguynurse Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Working on similar here, but just oral. Last 3 yrs, MrHappy ain't what he used to be, so would like "...seeing the expression on the wife's face as she takes a new ...cock in hand for the first time..."
  15. TrudginAcrossTheTundra

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    Great story! I remember a porn video that went pretty much exactly like that. It's a turn on to imagine.

    The measurements and weight don't match, though.
  16. Anyfun

    Anyfun Banned

    It started with my ex. I all but proved that she was cheating. So, one day I called out of work, parked a few blocks away. Found a good vantage point outside the house, and waited. A while later, a guy shows up. I watch through the windows, they start kisses and eventually started fucking. I was going to walk in on them but I was the hardest I've ever been in my life. Like it hurt, I was so hard. So, I jack off while watching. After cumming, I was still hard. I jacked off again. Then again.
    I decided to keep watching her, as often as I could as I wanted to keep my job. Never confronted her about it.
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  17. Dunnaknockit

    Dunnaknockit Members

    My wife has cheated on me three times - that I know of. The thought of her having sex with them turns me on. She always had a lot of male friends because she gets on better with men than women. The greater turn-on is that she doesn't know I know how far she has gone with these particular friends.
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