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Discussion in 'Spanish' started by spirit of the night, Jan 15, 2008.

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    Check out websites like or There are plenty of native Spanish speakers who want to learn English and you could help each other. You can either write e-mails and correct each other or video/voicechat.

    There are loads of resources online that you can use in order to learn grammar or vocabulary. I really like vocabulary books in which you find topics, for example "hospitals", and all the words related to that topic will be found there with examples =)
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    Buy and or read Spanish newspapers at your library. You can also read English/American books that are about Spanish culture in the Southwest, like books by Rudolfo Anaya.
  3. hi.. use duolingo.

    its an amazing website to practise
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    Ăšltimo consejo es el mejor , tienes que sumergirte en el lenguaje para poder aprender

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