Trump's Response to COVID-19

Discussion in 'Politics' started by walkoflife, Mar 18, 2020.

  1. Vladimir Illich

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    Two possible drugs, either Warfarin or Rivaroxaban - both of which are anti-coagulents !!!
  2. Tyrsonswood

    Tyrsonswood Senior Moment

    Nah... Google search. Not sure where it was from.
  3. Incorrect
  4. Vladimir Illich

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    Just shows your ignorance then doesn't it - because I have taken both drugs and have the packets of them here right beside me !!!
  5. Piobaire

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    Many hospitals in the region "have reached a point of crisis and are having to make very tough decisions about patient care. The volume being seen in our hospitals still represents the cases that resulted from the Thanksgiving holiday (because people are too goddamned stupid to stay home). We do not believe that we are yet seeing the cases that stemmed from the Christmas holiday. This, sadly, and the cases from the recent New Year's holiday, is still before us."

    LA County Paramedics Told Not To Transport Some Patients With Low Chance Of Survival

    Ambulances Waiting Up to 8 Hours to Offload Patients as LA County's COVID-19 Hospital Crisis Worsens
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  6. Talking about Sars-CoV-2 einstein
  7. Vladimir Illich

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    And as I pointed out pink poodle prat, both drugs I mentioned are anti-coagulents and capable of dispersing blood clots. There is a third, drug which is more fast-acting than Warfarin, - Heparin - have also had this drug prescribed to me when I was first diagnosed with a pulmonary Embolism.

  8. LA county is reporting 83% ICU capacity as of 5th January, and 55% are non covid patients

    It should be obvious, but they would be setting up field hospitals wouldnt they, if any of this garbage in the media was actually true

    We have been through god knows how many times in the last year
  9. All of which would kill a covid patient, so its a good thing you are not a doctor

    You have no clue which proteins the virus is attacking do you? And you've had almost a whole year to read up
  10. wrat1

    wrat1 Members

    Oh you mean like this
    UCI Health Builds Mobile Field Hospital in Parking Lot (

    or this
    Orange County's UCI Opens Mobile Unit in Hospital's Parking Lot Due to COVID Crush of Patients

    COVID Forces California to Open Field Hospitals
  11. soulcompromise

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    So, the reality of this for me is sort of dependent on a win for democrats in the Georgia run-off. The stimulus that America so desperately needs is heavily related to that race in my estimation.

    Further, (and though I think it's beyond the President elect; at least for now) we might see a push for something like a temporary UBI the likes of which Andrew Yang mentioned and continues to be a proponent of in legislation. That would go a long way to strengthen markets/stifle CoViD-19 related economic fears.

  12. That last link is dated December 17th

    "Deadline reported that in Orange County alone, a 50-bed field hospital will be built at Fountain Valley Regional Hospital, a 25-bed field hospital at St. Jude Medical Center in Fullerton and a 50-bed field hospital at the University of California-Irvine.

    The field hospitals will be housed in large trailers and canvas tents with hard flooring and temperature controls. They’ll have running water"

    Score, and extra 125 beds a month ago

    Population Orange County: 3.2 million

    Can you please actually read the links before you post them

    For your next assignment; photos/videos of those beds in the tents actually being used
  13. Vladimir Illich

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  14. Vladimir Illich

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    Oh really - stupid sod ??? - so explain why the medical profession were administering Warfarin to some Covid patients here in teh uk who also had blood clots, caused by the Covid ???
  15. wrat1

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    The first link has a nice pretty video for you to watch
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  16. soulcompromise

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  17. Tyrsonswood

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    At this point... Trump isn't responding to COVID-19 at all
  18. wrat1

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    Did he ever really once it hit and he was wrong...he basically towed his line right from the get go almost have to admire his conviction
  19. Clickety click

    NIH ACTIV Trial of blood thinners pauses enrollment of critically ill COVID-19 patients

    The virus is atracking proteins in the body that act as coagulant inhibitors (not the same thing as a foreign substance introduced as an anti coagulant

    Some of these blood thinners are killing severly ill covid patients

    There are several drug trials that wont be completed until the end of the year that solve the actual problem

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